Seoul Night: A City That Never Sleeps

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Writer. Yang Seul-a  Photo. Kim Yeon-jae (Yeon Jae Hyung Studio)


Night Drive

June Newsletter - Night Drive

There's nothing like riding on a Seoul City Tour Bus to explore the city in a short amount of time. Running once a night, the night course departs from Gwanghwamun and passes through Mapodaegyo Bridge, Some Sevit, and Seongsudaegyo Bridge, giving you a wonderful night view of the city outside its windows. The darkness of the night only seems to highlight the glamorous lights of the city. The bus takes a 30-minute break at the top of N Seoul Tower, giving you time to take pictures of yourselves against N Seoul Tower and its wonderful panoramic views. As the bus passes by Cheonggyecheon Stream and approaches Gwanghwamun, the night course comes to an end.

Seoul City Tour Bus Night Course

Location Icon Address 62-9 Taepyeongno 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

Course Itinerary Gwanghwamun – Some Sevit – N Seoul Tower – Gwanghwamun (12 spots)

Clock Icon Hours Runs once a day, 19:30 (Jul – Aug, 20:00)

Fee Icon Fee Adult 15,000 won , Child 9,000 won

Phone Icon Phone +82-2-777-6090

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Reach Seoul’s Sky

June Newsletter - Reach Seoul's Sky

Nowadays, visitors must reach the highest place if they want to take a glimpse of the sprawling metropolis of Seoul. And the highest place in Seoul has to be Lotte World Tower, the tallest building in Korea to boast of 123 floors with a total height of 555 meters. Take the Sky Shuttle to reach the 117th floor from the basement level in just one minute. Seoul Sky, an observatory located in the highest point of Lotte World Tower is located on this very floor. Surrounded on all sides by walls made of glass, it's a great place to look out on the city of Seoul. As you walk up a floor to the 118th floor, you'll find the floor made of glass as well, giving you an impression of almost walking on air. The city lights glittering under the night sky give off a romantic vibe.

Seoul Sky

Location Icon Address 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (Lotte World Tower)

Clock Icon Hours Sun – Thu 10:00 – 22:00, Fri – Sat 10:00 – 23:00

Fee Icon Fee Adult 27,000 won, Child 24,000 won, Fast Pass (all ages) 50,000 won

Phone Icon Phone +82-2-1661-2000

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Night Palace

June Newsletter - Night Palace

Popular among both foreign and domestic visitors, the five palaces representing cultural and traditional values are the biggest attractions in Seoul. Only in Seoul can you see historical structures coexisting peacefully side by side along modern skyscrapers. The night palaces offer up a mysterious atmosphere. It's great to note that Changgyeonggung Palace has extended its hours to include night hours all throughout this year, allowing visitors to take a stroll under the moonlight whenever they feel like it. Walking between the dark palace buildings will make you feel as if you're royalty taking a random walk around your house. Chungdanji Pond and the Grand Greenhouses signify the changing seasons. During the winter months, the pond is frozen and the Grand Greenhouse closed to protect the botanical plant life inside its walls.

Changgyeonggung Palace

Location Icon Address 185 Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Clock Icon Hours 09:00 - 21:00

Fee Icon Fee 1,000 won (Free Admission for children under 6, seniors over 65, or hanbok wearing visitors)

Phone Icon Phone +82-2-762-4868~9

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Sample the Jazz

June Newsletter - Sample the Jazz

Good music and alcohol after a long day are like a welcome mist after a long drought. Opening up in December 2017 within the trendy district of Seongsu-dong, Positive Zero Lounge is a place where visitors can come to enjoy good music and alcohol. Every night, there's a jazz live performance and a sommelier who hand selects 150 different wine and 50 single malt whiskey for its visitors. Take a seat before the performance starts to be recommended a drink based on the concept of live performance; single malt whiskey for standard jazz, sparkling wine for b-bebop, and natural wine for swing. It doesn't matter if you're a novice to jazz. Once the performance starts, you'll find yourself jiving along with the beat and rhythm of the music.

Positive Zero Lounge

Location Icon Address 14-2 Yeonmujang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Clock Icon Hours 18:00 - 26:00, Closed Monday

Fee Icon Fee Adult 15,000 won, Child 9,000 won

Phone Icon Phone +82-2-462-5994

Computer Icon Website