Seoul Restaurant Guide for Muslim Tourists

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Food is an essential part of traveling. Seoul especially is equipped with various restaurants to make your memories richer. The following are hand-picked restaurants where Muslim tourists can enjoy, covering Korean food restaurants that appeared on Korean dramas to traditional Turkish food.
If you would like to look up more halal restaurants, please note the Korea Tourism Organization’s website. Food types, ingredients, and Muslim-friendliness based on recipes as well as location are provided so that you can choose your own favorite restaurant.


  Korea Tourism Organization Muslim-friendly Restaurant

Tour Course

KERVAN(Coex Mall) – Makan – Balwoo Gongyang – Ilsik Dongkyung – K-food Cooking Class(CJ THE KITCHEN)



Wanna try real Turkish food in Seoul?
Choose Seoul > Turkish Food!

KERVAN(Coex Mall)



The first Turkish restaurant that received halal certification in Korea which has multiple locations, including Itaewon and Seoul Station. Among them, Kervan Coex Mall is particularly popular among tourists as shopping and sight-seeing are available at the same time. This is a place where traditional Turkish food is served for Koreans who would like to try exotic food as well as for Turkish people who live in Korea, who come often.
A variety of Turkish dishes are offered including, shish kebabs, charcoal grilled meat skewers, pide, a flatbread topped with vegetables, cheese, and meat, yogurt-seasoned steak, and Turkish coffee. The lunch set, which is available from 11 AM to 3 PM, is a great value meal and includes soup, salad, Turkish bread, and a main dish. (Not available on weekends and holidays)


KERVAN(Coex Mall)

  Address: H105 B1 Coex Mall 524 Bongeunsa-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul

  Operating Hours: 10:00~22:00

  Contact: +82-2-556-4767

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Wanna try Korean food in Seoul that you saw in K-dramas?
Choose Seoul > Korean Food!




Makan, a restaurant certified by the Korea Muslim Federation, is located near the entrance of Usadan-gil near the mosque in Itaewon. Muslim tourists love to come here as the restaurant does not use any chemical additives. The restaurant is especially popular among female tourists since the Korean food they saw in Korean dramas are served, including beef instead of pork, jajangmyeon, bulgogi, fried chicken with sauce, and chicken.




  Address: 52 Wusadanro 10 Gil Yongsan-gu Seoul

  Operating Hours: 11:00~21:30, Tuesdays Off

  Contact: +82-2-6012-2231



Wanna try healthy temple food in Seoul?
Choose Seoul > Korean (Temple food)!

Balwoo Gongyang



This is a temple food restaurant operated by Korean Buddhist Jogye Order. The restaurant was chosen by the Michelin Guide two years in a row, proving its excellent food and popularity among vegetarians. Depending on the season, the dishes that make up the course differ. The dishes are mild and have a light and savory taste because they do not use meat, seafood, or other animal ingredients, as well as green onions, garlic, and chives. The interior of the restaurant is mostly divided into individual rooms, so you can enjoy your food quietly. As each course is served, the staff explains how to eat it and explains the ingredients.


Balwoo Gongyang

주소  Address: 56 Wujeongguk-ro Jongno-gu Seoul

  Operating Hours: Mon-Sat Lunch 1st round 11:30-13:20 / 2nd round 13:30-15:00 / Dinner 18:00-21:30(Last order: 20:00) / Sundays Off

문의  Contact: +82-2-733-2081

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Wanna try real Japanese food in Seoul?
Choose Seoul > Japanese food!

Ilsik Dongkyung



Located in Hongdae, where foreign tourists are prevalent as in Itaewon, this restaurant is a Muslim-friendly Japanese restaurant called Dongkyeong. Accessibility is good as it is not far from Line 2’s Hongik University Station. The interior consists of tables and private rooms, so you can choose the place according to your situation and atmosphere.
The popular meals here are course menus. Although there is a difference depending on the type of course, fresh seafood carefully-selected by the chef is well delivered as the food comes out in order, and includes porridge, sashimi, sushi, grilled food, stew, and fried food, In addition to the course menu, there are more affordable a la carte items, including cod soup and abalone soup, and a lunch menu as well.


Ilsik Dongkyung

  Address: 6 Worldcupbukro 1 Gil Mapo-gu Seoul

  Operating Hours: 12:00~14:00, 17:00~21:30

  Contact: +82-2-338-0785



Wanna make Korean food on your own?

Halal-friendly or Vegetarian
K-food Cooking Class(CJ THE KITCHEN)



A great opportunity to make Korean food that is difficult for Muslims to easily approach. At this Halal-friendly K-food Cooking class you can make and eat Korean food which appeared in Korean dramas by using materials and recipe that Muslim can also eat. The experience is very easy even if you are not confident in cooking because it follows the careful guidance of a professional chef. For reference, this space is a place where a cooking contest was held by BTS in Run BTS and where the Bulletproof Boys appeared!


K-food Cooking Class(CJ THE KITCHEN)

  Address: 330 Dongho-ro Jung-gu Seoul(CJ THE KITCHEN 1F CJ Cheil Jedang Headquarters)

  Operating period: Apr-Dec 2018, 2nd Friday of every month 11:00-13:00

※ Muslim-friendly menu and vegetarian menu will switch every month. For more information, please contact the reservation page or the administration office.

  Participation fee: ₩22,000

  Contact: +82-2-790-3994(English) /

  Online reservation



- Before signing up for cooking class, make sure to check the menu and ingredients on the application page. (Whether or not to participate due to allergies or health conditions requires individual judgment.)

- CJ THE KITCHEN also has a cooking class using non-halal meat, and the Halal-friendly Cooking Class days use these same cooking tools.

- In the case of toddlers and children (born in 2006 or later), a guardian must apply together to participate. Children alone cannot participate in the class.



※ Please note that this article was published in July 2018 and the above information is subject to change at any time.