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<Seoul Tour with 「I Live Alone」 Sung Hoon


Actor Sung Hoon is giving a passionate performance as the main character in the MBN rom-com TV drama series Level Up. He received enthusiastic response from his appearance on the MBC show I Live Alone with his good looks and pleasant, carefree personality. Let’s follow the day in the life of Sung Hoon in I Live Alone, which shows his regular human side in contrast to the fanciful lifestyle of an actor.

Tour Itinerary

Roller City - Eum Lobatayakki – Cartoon Shop V - Hirai Chinese Glass, Seolleung branch



Tour 1

A place surging with memories

Roller City



In episode 295 of I Live Alone, Sung Hoon went to a roller skating rink to relieve stress. In spite of being athletic enough to participate in the Ironman triathlon, his less-than-satisfactory roller skating skills provided viewers with plenty of laughs. Roller City that Sung Hoon visited in Banpo includes a separate beginner track in addition to the main track, allowing anyone to safely enjoy skating. The general entrance fee is KRW 3,000 with an additional fee for 2 hours of track use (weekdays: KRW 12,000 for children and KRW 15,000 for adults / weekends: KRW 15,000 for children and KRW 17,000 for adults). There is no age restriction, but rental skate sizes start from 180 mm (UK size 10.5; US size 12.5).



Roller City

Address: Woojin Bldg. lower level B1, 306, Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: Sun.-Thur. 12:00-22:00; Fri./Sat. 10:00-23:00

Contact: +82-70-7762-7788


Directions: Subway Line 3 (#339)/Line 7 (#734)/Line 9 (#923) Express Bus Terminal Station Exit No. 8-1, walk 5 min



Tour 2

Sung Hoon's VIP banquet

Eum Lobatayakki



In episode 295 of I Live Alone, Sung Hoon went to the Japanese restaurant Eum Lobatayakki for his own special banquet. The dish he selected for rejuvenation was pyeonbaeknamu jjim. This is a dish made with Hinoki cypress, steamed along with Korean beef sirloin, beef brisket, pork neck, and several types of vegetables. The fats come out during the cooking process and let you enjoy a subtle combination of the ingredients' true flavor with the aroma of Hinoki cypress. Other than this, there is a variety of baked dishes and unique items, particularly the fish cake soup with its deep flavor.


Eum Lobatayakki

Address: 36, Nonhyeon-ro 149-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: 17:00-23:00; Closed Sundays

Contact: +82-2-544-477

Directions: Subway Line 3 Sinsa Station (#337) Exit No. 1, walk 7 min



Tour 3

Fun to read and fun to eat, all in one place

Cartoon Shop V



In episode 217 of I Live Alone, Cartoon Shop V became a hot topic after Sung Hoon’smukbang episode where he started with kimchi fried rice and jajang ramyeon and went on to eat spam mayo fried rice, ramyeon, a multi-grain latte, and more, all at the comic book cafe. The cafe is also known as the filming location for episodes 66 and 67 of BTS’s reality variety show Run BTS! in which V and Jimin appeared.. It is especially popular among younger people as a place where you can enjoy lots of different foods while browsing and reading from the thousands of comic books filling every shelf. Along with chairs, there are also beds, tents, and lots of other places to sit or lie down and relax.


Cartoon Shop V

Address: Youngdong Building 2nd floor, 520, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: 10:00-06:00 daily

Contact: +82-2-3444-8252


Directions: Subway Line 7 Nonhyeon Station (#732) Exit No. 2, walk 5 min



Tour 4

Sung Hoon's unstoppable mukbang

Hirai Chinese Glass, Seolleung branch



In episode 248 of I Live Alone, the sight of Sung Hoon finishing off several different dishes at a Chinese restaurant and his gym trainer squabbling trying to stop him gave a good laugh to those watching. The place that so stimulated Sung Hoon's appetite was the Seolleung location of Hirai Chinese Glass. Standing inside, your gaze is caught by the elaborate Chinese interior that looks like you’ve actually come to China. Although the main hall is tidy as well, there is a banquet hall that is also good for enjoying a peaceful meal. The lunch special offered between 11:30 AM and 2:00 PM at a reasonable price is not to be missed, offering crab chowder, sweet and sour tangsuyuk, chili shrimp, jajang noodles and more, even including dessert.


Hirai Chinese Glass, Seolleung branch

Address: 24, Yeoksam-ro 63-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 11:00-22:00; Sat./Sun. 11:00-21:00

Contact: +82-2-558-4822

Directions: Subway Line 2 (#220)/Bundang Line (#K215) Seolleung Station Exit No. 1, walk 5 min


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※ Please note that this article was published in July 2019 and the above information is subject to change at any time.