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Seoul's newest landmark, Seoullo 7017 opened on May 20th, 2017. Seoullo 7017 was once a highway, and now it has been transformed into a pedestrian haven. Now an elevated pedestrian sky garden, it has proved hugely popular with locals and tourists alike. But Seoullo 7017 isn't the only place on the minds of the people; neighboring areas are seeing renewed interest. Sitting to the west of Seoul Station, the neighborhoods of Malli-dong, Jungnim-dong, and Cheongpa-dong still retain the charms of old Seoul. Explore these areas and see remnants of old Seoul enduring in modern Seoul.


Historic and Cultural Attractions


① Yakhyeon Catholic Church   ② Son Kee Chung Statue   ③ Yeomcheongyo Shoe Street


Yakhyeon Catholic Church sits to the west of Seoul Station. Built in 1892, it was the first ever Western-style church built in Korea. From Yakhyeon, Seosomun History Park is visible and these two places should be visited together. Today, the park is a popular resting place for locals and tourists, but in the 1800s it was a site of persecution and suffering. Catholics were a heavily persecuted group at the time, and over a hundred Korean Catholics were executed at the site of the park. Yakhyeon Catholic Church was built on a site that overlooked the execution site in order to honor the martyred. Yakhyeon and the park have great historical significance, and are visited by many people each year.

Situated between Seoul Station and Seosomun History Park is a small street where visitors will be able to peek into the past. Yeomcheongyo Shoe Street was established in 1925 and it was the first dedicated shoemaking district in Seoul. Although there aren't as many stores and craftsmen as there once were, visitors will find more than 25 shoe stores in the area. There are some 50-odd factories and 130 businesses that are based out of Yeomcheongyo Shoe Street. From Yeomcheongyo Shoe Street, it's a short walk to Yakhyeon Catholic Church. Visitors who continue walking past the church will soon reach the Son Kee Chung Memorial Hall. The memorial hall commemorates the Korean Olympian Son Kee Chung, who won the gold marathon medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Because Korea was under Japanese occupation at the time, Son Kee Chung became a symbol of hope and a source of pride for the Korean people. The memorial hall went under renovations and reopened in 2012.


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Yakhyeon Catholic Church
Address & Directions 447-1 Cheongpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul / Chungjeongno Station (subway lines 2, 5) exit 4
Telephone +82-2-362-1891  
Website Yakhyeon Catholic Church

Seosomun History Park

Address & Directions 5 Chilpae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul / Telephone +82-2-313-7986
-> Under construction until March 2018

Yeomcheongyo Shoe Street

Hours of Operation Weekdays 12:00-22:30, Saturdays 15:00-23:00 (closed Sundays)
Address & Directions 175-8 Euijuro 2ga 175-8, Jung-gu, Seoul / Seoul Station (subway lines 1, 4, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Airport Railroad) exit 3
Website (Korean) Yeomcheongyo Shoe Street

Son Kee Chung Memorial Hall

Hours of Operation Daily 10:00-17:00 / Address & Directions 101 Songijeong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul / Seoul Station (subway lines 1, 4, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Airport Railroad) exit 5
Telephone +82-2-364-1936


Walking Course


① National Theater Company of Korea   ② Hyochang Park  ③ Malli Market


Course : Culture Station Seoul 284 -> National Theater Company of Korea -> Gaemi Supermarket -> Malli Market -> Seongu Barber Shop -> Hyochang Park

Another option for a walking tour of Seoul's cultural and historic attractions starts at Culture Station Seoul 284. Culture Station Seoul 284 is a cultural complex now, but it once served as the main rail artery of the city and it was Seoul's central rail station. Just behind Culture Station Seoul 284, across the road, is the National Theater Company of Korea. The theater is partially comprised of bright red shipping containers. The National Theater Company of Korea moved into the premises in 2010, but for 30 years before that, the building served as a Korean military base. Today, the former military base is home to a thriving theater arts scene.

Gaemi Supermarket, which has been in business for over 100 years, is located nearby. Also close by is Malli Market, a neighborhood mainstay. Also in the neighborhood is Seongu Barber Shop it has been operated by three generations of one family, and it's been in business since 1927. The neighborhood feels much like a living, outdoor museum. Visitors may feel like they're peeking into a door to the city's past. Hyochang Park was officially made a park in 1940, but far before the official designation, the park was an important part of Korean history. The graves of several royals are located here. Most notably, the son of King Jeongjo, 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty, is at Hyochang Park. Numerous Korean independence fighters and martyrs are also buried at Hyochang Park.


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Culture Station Seoul 284

Address & Directions Seoul Station, 1 Tongil-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul / Seoul Station (subway lines 1, 4, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Airport Railroad) exit 2 
Website Culture Station Seoul 284

National Theater Company of Korea

Address & Directions 373 Cheongpa-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul / Seoul Station (subway lines 1, 4, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Airport Railroad) exit 15 
Telephone +82-1644-2003
Website National Theater Company of Korea

Gaemi Supermarket

Address 31 Cheongpa-ro 85-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul / Telephone +82-2-714-3383

Malli Market

Address 270 Hyochangwon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul / Telephone +82-2-713-4331

Seongu Barber Shop

Address 4-1 Hyochangwon-ro 97-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul / Telephone +82-2-714-2968

Hyochang Park

Address 177-18 Hyochangwon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul / Telephone +82-2-712-3043



Very Street Kitchen


Very Street Kitchen is almost impossible to miss. Located one of the streets neighboring Seoullo 7017, the restaurant looks very different from its neighbors. Made from old stone bricks with a small tree standing in front, the building is over 100 years old. The restaurant's concept is street food, and diners can find street food from all over the world at Very Street Kitchen. Even the names of dishes include nods to major cities all over the world. For example, diners can order the Bangkok kaikapurao, the Taipei samgyeopsal jjim, the Osaka yaki-soba, or the Rome pasta. In addition to international cuisine, diners can also enjoy Korean fusion cuisine. Popular fusion dishes include Haeundae eomuk carpaccio and Wando crab meat risotto. Travel the world by dining at Very Street Kitchen.


Hours of Operation Weekdays 18:00-23:00, Saturdays 18:00-23:00 (closed Sundays)
Address & Directions 205 Mallijae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 
Telephone +82-2-312-0205

Reasonable Kitchen


Reasonable Kitchen is tucked away in one of the small streets to the west of Seoul Station. It's easy to miss the restaurant as there is no outside signage and the restaurant is rather small and cozy. But Reasonable Kitchen offers a fantastic drinks and anju (snacks) menu. The star entree is dak-bokkeum-tang (braised spicy chicken). Soak in the atmosphere and relax with drinks and a meal at Reasonable Kitchen.


Hours of Operation Weekdays 12:00-22:30, Saturdays 15:00-23:00 (closed Sundays)
Address & Directions 50 Mallijae-ro 35-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 
Telephone +82-2-363-5008

Your Madeleine


Your Madeleine is a petite dessert shop that is easy to miss. Visitors who step into this
unassuming storefront will find a shop that specializes in the classic dessert, madeleines. At Your Madeleine, the madeleines are made entirely of Korean-grown rice flour and baked fresh each morning with quality ingredients. Your Madeleine features common flavors like lemon, green tea, black tea, coffee, and chocolate. However, adventurous diners can try the more unusual flavors available such as bokbunja berries, black rice, and garlic. Gift sets are available for purchase and these beautifully packaged treats make a wonderful present.


Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 11:00-17:00 (closed weekends and national holidays)
Address & Directions 217 Mallijae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Telephone +82-2-365-6375