Seoul's Montmartre: Seorae Village's Cafe Street

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Experience a slice of France in Korea at Seorae Village. Every morning, the smell of fresh bread is everywhere in Seorae Village, but by 3 PM the area's cafes and restaurants are quiet and closed. Head to Seorae Village to visit cafes just like the one in the famous French film "Amélie."


Seorae Village is often called Korea's "Little France." In 1985, the French School of Seoul settled in Seorae Village and French residents of Seoul followed the school and many live in the area. The French School's curriculum follows French guidelines so it was a popular choice as a schooling option for French expats.  The cafes on Seorae Village's Cafe Street are a natural part of the French residents' lives. Cafes here aren't just coffee shops, but also function as restaurants too. A cafe in France offers coffee as a matter of course, but wine and food are available as well. Most cafes have either a balcony or a terrace and offer that most typical of French meals, steak and a baguette.

①The nearby Seoripul Park
②Seorae Village at night


The Cafe Street has many traditional French restaurants that serve traditional French foods. Most of the restaurants have a French chef. Additionally, the restaurants here all stay closed until 3 PM. In the morning, the street is full of people waiting in very long lines to buy freshly baked bread. Another feature of Seorae Village is the harmony that can be found between Korean and foreign residents. On Korean holidays such as Chuseok and the Lunar New Year, foreign residents can often be found dressing up in traditional Korean clothes to celebrate the holidays. The foreign residents' center here, in joint co-operation with the Seoul Global Center, also teaches Korean embroidery and hanji crafts classes. The French School of Seoul also teaches Korean as a second language, beginning in the second year of middle school, so as to enable the children to adapt to Korean society. Seorae Village's Cafe Street is located roughly 500 meters from the subway station. Seorae Village feels quite secluded and you can even imagine you're in Europe. Even on the weekends, the area isn't crowded like Myeong-dong or Gangnam. Regardless of what day or what time you visit Seorae Village, it's truly a place where you can feel like you're in Europe.

A view of Seorae Village's cafes

Seorae Village's Christmas Market

Seorae Village's traditional Christmas market takes place on the second Saturday of December every year. The market is usually held at the Seorae Village Blue Dragon Children's park. Homemade French food like smoked salmon and and imported French food such as foie gras and cheese are available at the market. The entire park is decorated with Christmas decorations for the market and it's a beautiful and festive sight!


①The French School of Seoul, the curriculum is French
②Freshly baked bread, the smell of fresh bread fills the air daily

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Subway : Lines 3,7,9 Express Bus Terminal Station exit 4
Bus : 142, 148, 406, Seocho 13, Seocho 14
Seorae Village Blog (Kor) :
Seocho Official Site (Eng) :
Inquiries : +82-2-2155-0114
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