Soup that will warm you right up: Samgakji Codfish Soup Alley

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Soup that will warm you right up:

Samgakji Codfish Soup Alley


Good restaurants do not need to be further advertised. People who have fallen for their taste will do it on their own. The Codfish Soup Alley near Samgakji station in Yongsan-gu has precisely this type of effect.
Army men who have fallen for this spicy soup do not hesitate to broadcast their love in every corner of the land!


The codfish soup alley had its beginnings in 1979. At first, there was only one restaurant but in recent years, it has been blowing up and what we see today is a much more developed alley.
The soup is indeed delicious, but the reason why this alley became so famous is actually because of army men.
A long time ago, the Army headquarters were actually situated where the War Memorial sits today. As army men were discharged, dispatched, or transferred to other districts, the news began to spread and soon the whole nation knew about the codfish soup alley.
The alley could be a little disappointing to those who come without any information; there is no large sign indicating that you have even arrived. However, the taste is definitely not a disappointment as each restuarant has a large number of their own regular customers.
As soon as dinner time hits, the area is instantly brimming with people. The codfish in this alley is known for its especially fleshy and juicy portions. Even if the fish is not cooked in a fancy broth, the flavor of the fish stands out on its own.


In front of most restuarants, you will see the names of broadcasting stations that have filmed here.


Codfish is one of the leading low-calorie, high-protein foods. For every 100 grams, there are 80 kilocalories, but the protein content is 17 grams.
This is more than chicken breast, which has 16 grams of protein content for every 100 grams. Codfish also has high levels of taurine (a type of amino acid), which is said to help with recovering fatigue, improving eyesight, and liver functioning. Because the liver of a codfish also holds a high amount of Vitamin A and fat, codfish oil is used as a base ingredient in many dishes as well.
Due to the popularity of good codfish, such restaurants usually have no seating available at around 6 or 7 pm. But, don't give up! If you wait 20-30 minutes, you should be able to get a seat.


The restorative effects of Codfish in the Winter
The peak season for codfish is from December - February. With that said, you haven't tried codfish properly until you try it in the winter. As the famous court physician Heo Jun once said in his most well-known medical text Mirror of Eastern Medicine, "codfish gives you strength, and the internal organs/oil taste more delicious [in the winter]."


① Plump and fleshy codfish.
② Salted fermented fish gills are also a favorite side dish.
③ The codfish soup alley has many regular customers.


Extra information

Subway : Samgakji station (lines 4,6), exit 14
Buses : Yongsan 03, 100, 150, 151, 502
Yongsan-gu office :
Inquiries : 02-219-6114


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