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A New Spring, Revitializing A Whole New You
 As we approach a sun-filled spring, what are some ways we can enjoy the season outdoors?
Spring Begins Clean and Fresh

 Feel the lightness
This is the time of year when you throw out your old winter clothes or pack them into boxes and bags, preparing yourself for the warmer days that are ahead. If you're here in Korea on vacation, then you're feeling even lighter than usual. What are some changes that you would like for the months that are ahead? Who is the new you that you would like to become? You look to nature and the flowers for inspiration.

This is also the time of year when you realize that you can no longer hide behind those baggy sweaters and heavy winter coats. Soon, it's time for t-shirts and shorts, skirts and swimwear. Look to Seoul for inspiration in all the nature, in all the food and in all the products that it has to offer.

Where to first?

 Gildong Ecological Park

 If you're craving some wilderness and nature while exploring the heavy onset buildings of the city, you can come freely to Gildong Ecological Park. It is one way to observe the natural surroundings of Seoul at its finest. Here you can see the ecosystem in place and relax easily while basking in the luxury of Seoul.



 Dream Forest

Now let's take a look at the Dream Forest. Aside from World Cup Park, Olympic Park and Seoul Forest - this is the fourth largest park. Each season, this park will show you the best of itself but especially during spring, the park flourishes with its best light. With the kind of green grass you'd never imagine to see in such a metropolitian city and friendly animal such as deer grazing about - you can lose the stress of city travel for a little bit. And if you're looking for a bit of cultural excitement, you can also check out the 'Dream Forest Art Center' for visiters.

북서울 꿈의 숲


Gildong Ecological Park

How to get here: Line 5, Gildong Station, Exit 4. Bus 341 or 370

Address: Seoul Gangdong-gu Cheonho daero 1298

Phone Number: 02-472-2770

Homepage: (Korean only)


 Dream Forest

How to get here: Line 4, Miasamgari Station Exit 1, take Gangbuk Bus 09

Address: Seoul Gangbuk-gu Wolgae-ro 173

Phone Number: 02) 2289-4001~5

Homepage: (Korean only)

Leisure Sports in Seoul

 Suraksan City Park, Eunbongsa Rock Climbing Wall

 For those of you that might think a stroll in the park or going on a bike is too relaxing of a springtime activity, we have quite the challenge event for you. You can now enjoy rock climbing right here within this city. Under the safety of experts and guidance, everyone from beginners to experts can enjoy rock climbing. Just when you want to be spending time outside, you can also challenge yourself with this activity.

Suraksan Mountain park

How to get there: Line 4, Dangogye Station Exit 2, walk 3 minutes

Address: Seoul, Nowon gu, Sanggye Dong 151-1

Phone Number: 02-950-3918


Eunbongsan Mountain, Rock Climbing Park

How to get there: Eunbong Station, walk 10 minutes

Address: Seoul, Sungdong, Rock Climbing Park 11

Phone Number: 02-2285-6061


 Han River Cycling

 One of the best parts of enjoying the warm weather is to use the bicycle. If you're a foreigner in Seoul, you can easily rent a bicycle at one of the many rental centers. You can stride through the many trails available on the Han River. Speeding or gliding casually, you can feel the rush of wind through your hair and the freedom of being on vacation. It's an active and healthy way to take in new views of the city.


Bicycle Friendly Places at the Han: Gangseong, Nanjin, Mangwon, Ichon, Ttukseom, Gwangnaru, Yanghwa, Seonyudo, Yeoido, Banpo, Jamsil

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