Stay Cool in July by the Hangang River

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편의점 코스요리에 주목하자!

Stay Cool in July by the Hangang River!


Beat the summer heat in Seoul at one of the Hangang River's
outdoor pools and at the Hangang Summer Festival!


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Hangang Outdoor Swimming Pools



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7월 뉴스레터_메인기사_icon_pool2  Beat the July Heat at the Hangang River

The Han River outdoor pools operate annually during the summer season. This year the pools will be open from June 23rd on through August 23rd, 2017. The 8 pools are located at the Hangang River parks in Ttukseom, Yeouido, Gwangnaru, Mangwon, Jamwon, Jamsil, Nanji, and Yanghwa. Cool off at one of the Han River outdoor pools!


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7월 뉴스레터_메인기사_icon_pool2  Dive into Brilliant Blue Pools by the Hangang

The Han River’s outdoor pools are easily accessible and located just next to the river. The pools are divided by age groups for convenience and there are adult pools, youth pools, and kiddie pools. Facilities include shower facilities shops, and a lazy river. The Ttukseom pool has a solar shade that offers respite from the sun, and visitors to the Jamsil pool can enjoy the Aqua Adventures area which features a water slide. The Yeouido pool has water sprays and a spiral water tunnel in addition to other fun features. The pools will host a variety of fun events like survival games, a bubble dance festival, and skin-scuba classes.



icon_date  June 23rd through Aug. 27th, 2017

icon_clock  Daily 9:00 - 19:00

icon_cash_money  Adult : 5,000 won / Youth : 4,000 won / Child 3,000 won / Free entry for children younger than 6


- Gwangnaru Pool·Jamsil Pool : A free shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes during pool operating hours

- Yeouido Pool, Jamwon Pool, Yanghwa Pool : Scheduled to open early July

icon_home  Han River Outdoor Pools (Korean) :





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Hangang Summer Festival



7월 뉴스레터_메인기사_icon_river2  Seoul's Biggest Summer Festival


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The annual Hangang Summer Festival will kick off on July 21st this year and run through August 20th, 2017. Taking place at Seoul's Hangang River parks, visitors will be to enjoy a diverse range of activities and events. Try out water sports or browse the night markets! There will also be film screenings, concerts, fire dancing, camping, and many more ways to have fun during the festival.



icon_date  July 21st through Aug. 20th, 2017

icon_location  Hangang River Parks : Yeouido Hangang Park, Tttukseom Hangang Park, and Banpo Hangang Park will have the greatest concentration of festivities

icon_program  3 festival themes and 80 events and activities

icon_home  Hangang Summer Festival (Korean) :




7월 뉴스레터_메인기사_icon_river2  Festival Activities & Themes

The festival program features 80 activities and events across 3 themes, "staying cool at Hangang," "touching moments at Hangang," and "together at Hangang." Different parks will have different themes and activities. Whether alone or with friends and family, the Hangang Summer Festival will offer much fun and excitement.




7월 뉴스레터_메인기사_icon_river2  Visit Different Hangang Parks to Enjoy Different Events!


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The Hangang Summer Festival is the biggest summer festival in the city and there will be many fun and unusual events taking place. Some of the more common activities and events that will be on offer are water leisure sports, water skiing, artificial rock climbing, and bicycling. Some of the more unusual events are a paper boat race and riding duck boats. The paper boat race involves participants crafting giant paper boats to row on the Hangang River, and duck boats are pedal boats shaped like ducks. As the festival will be taking place at all of the Hangang River parks, each park will other different activities. At Bamseom (Islet), visitors can fish and stargaze in addition to enjoy festival events.




7월 뉴스레터_메인기사_icon_river2  Hangang Summer Festival Highlights


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There will be many events and activities that will only run during the festival duration. Korean and foreign festival-goers can browse and purchase from 7 qualified tour packages on sale in near the foot of Mapodaegyo Bridge at Yeouido Hangang Park. Additionally, the Hangang River Cruise Theater will be open exclusively during the festival run. Battle the heat with fun activities along the Hangang River!