Summer Fun at Hangang River

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Temperatures reached an all-time high of 40°C this summer. 

Many are rushing toward Hangang River to cool off from the heat! 

Whether you’re looking for leisure or recreational activities, here are 6 ways to enjoy Hangang River to the fullest this summer!






한강수영장 아이콘
1. Hangang Swimming Pools

Skip the water parks and come enjoy the 7 different public pool facilities at a much more affordable price!





Jamsil Swimming Pool / Ttukseom Swimming Pool / Jamwon Swimming Pool / Yeouido Swimming Pool / Mangwon Swimming Pool / Nanji Water Park / Yanghwa Water Park





한강캠핑장 아이콘
2. Hangang Campsites

Camping in summer is a must! 

Don’t let the heat stop you from setting up tent and enjoying some BBQ at Nanji Camp! 







수상레포츠 아이콘
3. Water Sports and Activities

You don’t have to go far to enjoy a variety of water sports and activities like yachting, paddle boarding, and wakeboarding. Come and find them all available at Hangang River! 







크루즈 아이콘
4. Cruise

On a starry night, the lights of the cars, bridges, and cruise ship twinkle and reflect off the waters of Hangang River. 

It’s one of the many reasons why you should ride Hangang Cruise at night!





Yeouido Eland Cruise





배달음식 아이콘
5. Delivery Food

Jajangmyeon? Chicken? Pizza? They're all available for delivery! Spread out a picnic mat and enjoy some leisure time with your friends or family at Hangang Park.







야외공연 아이콘
6. Outdoor Performances

There’s much to see and enjoy around Hangang River during the summer. 

There’s a great range of outdoor performances available, enriching the night for everyone in Seoul.







Not just a simple relaxation spot, Hangang River is a very popular attraction with plenty of things to see and do.

This year, come and make Hangang your special summer getaway!