Taste of Seoul : Summer Food

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Taste of Seoul : Summer Food

The summer heat starts bringing to mind cool and refreshing summer food like iced misutgaru (roasted grain powder drink), kongguksu (cold soybean soup noodle), fruit smoothies, and more. A city where visitors can find a wide variety of food, Seoul is the place to try out these cool Korean foods during your summer trip. 

Naengmyeon Icon

Popular again this year, the cool Naengmyeon


Garnering a lot of popularity last year, Naengmyeon (buckwheat cold noodle) is a must-eat dish when you come to Korea during the summer. A dish offered during the inter-Korean summit, Pyeongyang Naengmyeon was a huge hit in Korea last year. The taste of Naengmyeon differ by region, bringing about various Naengmyeon tours for those Naengmyeon enthusiasts. In Seoul, visitors can try out various regional Naengmyeon all in one place. This year, come try out the various regional Naengmyeon, only in Seoul.

Store Icon Store Eulji Myeonok

Location Icon Address 2-1 Chungmu-ro 14-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Phone Icon Phone +82-2-2266-7052

Famous Pyeongyang-style Naengmyeon restaurant known for its buckwheat flour noodles and refreshing broth.


Mulhoe Icon

Cool Down with Mulhoe


Mulhoe (spicy raw fish soup) is a dish with thinly sliced seafood like raw fish or squid and vegetables mixed together in a cold broth. Some restaurants also serve noodles or rice with their Mulhoe. The most attractive point about this dish is how a variety of texture and taste can be enjoyed together in one dish. The texture of the ingredients can differ by the type of fish or vegetables used in the dish. One thing to note before eating this dish is to make sure the ingredients are fresh as they can go bad quick in the summer heat.

Store Icon Store Legendary Shabu & Mulhoe

Location Icon Address 73 Yanghwa-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Phone Icon Phone +82-2-326-3325

Legendary Shabu & Mulhoe is a restaurant in Hapjeong where people can enjoy hotpot and mulhoe (spicy raw fish soup) in one place. A place to go for fresh seafood, the restaurant’s mulhoe comes with a slushie broth, leading to a wonderfully cold dish..


Samgyetang Icon

Summer Health Dish, Samgyetang


Samgyetang (chicken soup) again? A pretty well-known dish, Samgyetang can be kind of old for some people. However, there’s a reason for why this dish keeps getting recommended over and over again. A dish which appeared in the old texts as a health food to fight against summer heat, Samgyetang is a hot dish to sweat out your toxins during the summer. As you take a bite out of the juicy, plump chicken and have a taste of the rice stuffed inside the chicken, you’ll begin to slowly understand this foreign and wonderful concept of fighting heat with heat.

Store Icon Store Goryo Samgyetang

Location Icon Address 1 Seosomun-ro 11-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Phone Icon Phone +82-2-752-9376

The first samgyetang restaurant to open in Korea back in 1960, Goryo Samgyetang has been passed down two generations. The soft chicken and thick, savory broth of their dish is the perfect remedy for fatique..


Bingsu Icon

Getting brain freeze but still so goodBingsu


Think about getting away from the sweltering rays of summer into a cool café to eat a cold bowl of bingsu (shaved iced dessert). On a humid summer day, just thinking about a bowl of shaved ice topped with various toppings is sure to make you happy and cool. Originally starting out as patbingsu (red bean shaved ice), bingsu these days have evolved to include a wide range of toppings like fruits, rice cake, brownie, and even popcorn! Appealing in both taste and visuals, bingsu is sure to be a great, sound choice this summer.

Store Icon Store Cacao Green

Location Icon Address 3F, 14 Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Phone Icon Phone +82-2-3789-3102

Cacao Green is the perfect bingsu spot for chocoholics. Triple Chocolate Bingsu, their signature menu coated in chocolate and covered with nuts, is a must try menu which attracts many to this store.