Terrace Restaurants in Seoul

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Terrace Restaurants in Seoul

Enjoy a side of sunshine with your meal at one of Seoul's terrace restaurants.



Dining in Seoul means a wealth of options. From types of restaurants to types of cuisines, it seems like there is no end to the options available to diners in Seoul. Enjoy the pleasant autumn weather at a terrace restaurant in Seoul. Choose to dine indoors or outdoors and soak in the sunlight while having a bite to eat. Though Seoul may seem like it's wholly an urban forest of skyscrapers, there are many beautiful and quiet restaurants tucked away amidst the towering buildings.




한옥 아이콘


A Tranquil Hanok and Garden

Ca'Del Lupo


테라스 레스토랑 까델루뽀


Ca'Del Lupo is an Italian restaurant located in Hyoja-dong, Seoul. Though the restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, the building is entirely Korean. Housed in a hanok, the restaurant also has a small but beautiful courtyard garden which helps lend to the overall tranquil atmosphere. The owner and chef of Ca'Del Lupo, Lee Jae Hoon, is a graduate of the International School of Italian Cuisine (ICIF) and the restaurant's name, roughly translated, is Italian for "the wolf's house." 

The garden is full of a variety of herbs and even grape vines that bear large bunches of grapes. Watch the breeze blow through the garden and soak in the tranquility at Ca'Del Lupo. The restaurant is known for its use of seasonal ingredients and seasonal menus. Chef Lee selects fresh ingredients each morning and the day's menu is based on his selections. The lunchtime course menu and the appetizer platters are popular with diners. Make sure to stop by and taste Chef Lee's creations in Seoul!


테라스 레스토랑 까델루뽀의 제철 식재료로 만든 애피타이저

An appetizer platter featuring grilled fruit, seasonal vegetables, and seafood.




icon_call  +82-2-734-5233

icon_location  5-5 Jahamun-ro 16-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul





산 아이콘


A Taste of the Slow Life

Namsan Harvest


테라스 레스토랑 하베스트 남산


Namsan Harvest is an Italian restaurant situated right at the foot of Namsan Mountain. Whether sitting on the rooftop terrace or dining indoors, there are beautiful views of Seoul to be enjoyed. Diners can choose between the rooftop terrace and the indoor seating area; regardless of where one sits, there are great views of Seoul available. The rooftop terrace is very popular, so diners should make advance reservations to dine on the rooftop.

The rooftop is part restaurant, part picturesque urban farm. The restaurant has large wooden garden boxes on the roof where herbs and vegetables are grown. There is a focus on natural flavors and using locally-grown ingredients whenever possible. Namsan Harvest even harvests the herbs and veggies from their garden boxes for use in the restaurant kitchen. There are no artificial flavorings or seasonings used by the chefs, which results in food that is full of flavor. The fire-pot baked pizza is a popular menu item.


icon_call  +82-2-793-2299

icon_location  7 Sowol-ro 44ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul





꽃나무 아이콘


Bursting with Flowers and Plants



테라스 레스토랑 블뤼테


Blüte is a garden-themed restaurant and cafe located on a small side street in the Sangsu-dong neighborhood. Blüte feels like a magical hideaway in Seoul as every corner of the restaurant is full of plants, flowers, and gardening accessories. The restaurant building feels like a cozy home and it's complemented by a spacious yard that bursts with greenery. Diners can stop by for a bite and a drink, as well as for classes in floral arrangement. Budding florists can sign up for classes that range from easy to advanced as well as purchase plants and gardening goods. Blüte is a popular brunch dining spot, but they also offer coffee, cocktails, and dishes such as tomato seafood pasta and gorgonzola pizza.




icon_home (Korean)

icon_call  +82-2-337-5733

icon_location  12 Wausan-ro 14-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul





풍경 아이콘


Rustic Beauty in Seoul

Sosohan Scenery


테라스 레스토랑 소소한 풍경


Sosohan Scenery is Korean fusion restaurant that is located in the hilly Buam-dong neighborhood, not far from Gyeongbokgung Palace. The restaurant location was once a residential home, which may be why the restaurant has a homey and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant's entrance is decorated with beautiful seasonal flowers and plants. These plants and arrangements are provided by a famed Korean florist, Infiorata, as part of a partnership with Sosohan Scenery. 

The restaurant's interior has a vintage country vibe that shows touches of the Provencal style. Though the interior is largely Western-style, the cuisine is Korean fusion. Two of the most popular menu items are a spicy steamed eggplant dish and a squid dish served with squid ink rice. There are several course menu options for lunchtime and dinnertime diners. The lunchtime sets start at 15,000, so even travelers on a budget should give Sosohan Scenery a try.


소소한 풍경 메뉴 가지찜

A spicy steamed eggplant dish.




icon_call  +82-2-395-5035

icon_location  75 Jahamun-ro 40-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul





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