The Center of Hallyu: Cheongdam Hallyu Star Street

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애비로드 꿈꾸는 한류의 중심: 청담 한류스타의 거리


The Center of Hallyu:

Cheongdam Hallyu Star Street


Why are London's Abbey road and the spanish steps in rome so special?
It's because these places carry the stories of famous stars. Abbey Road has the iconic memory of the Beatles, and the Spanish steps were graced with the presence of Audrey Hepburn. Recently, the city of Seoul has created a special space that is like a different kind of Abbey road in the Cheongdam-Apgujeong area. Meet the K-star road.


The 1 km long K-star road was created in March 2014 as part of a special city branding project called "K-ROAD" in the Apgujeong and Cheongdam area. In light of the rapid growth of Hallyu in recent years, this street was made to offer both locals and tourist a more fuller experience. Check out the shops that celebrities love to frequent and even the entertainment agencies that made them famous.


①The Hallyu Star road consists of the Cheongdam and Apgujeong fashion district. There are plenty of things to see, eat, and enjoy.
②The symbol of the Hallyu Star Road.


There are a couple of reasons why this location was chosen to be a Hallyu road. The first is that there are several entertainment agencies gathered in this area. Of course, we cannot ignore the gigantic presence of JYP and SM but there are also a few other well-known agencies such as Cube and FNC. Because this area is where celebrities eat, sleep, and live their life, you might even be able to see them by patiently waiting at a cafe. The cafes and coffee shops that are nearby large and well-known entertainment agencies are especially full of commotion due to fans wanting to coincidentally run into a Hallyu star. The second reason that this street is a good location is because the general infrastructure of the area is well-developed. There are department stores, clothing stores, and many other facilities nearby.


① SM Entertainment Hallyu stars include Girls' Generation, Super Junior, etc.
② JYP Entertainment Hallyu stars include 2pm, Wondergirls, etc.


One thing to check out while you are here is Hallyu stars' handprints. There's handprints from Hallyu stars that are beloved by China, Jang Nara, Han Seung-yeon from KARA, and Taecyun Ok from 2PM. Go to locations where stars have made memories, their favorite places to eat, and more. In total, there are 48 "story restaurants" that bear the symbol of the K-star road in order to make it easy for tourists to find their way. Scattered throughout are photozone benches and the Gangnam Tourist Information Center even has a guidebook of all the different "story restaurants."


① 2PM's Junho and Chansung greet fans as they exit the subway station.
② Han Seung-yeon's (member of KARA) handprint.


Hallyu Experience Center
At the Gangnam Tourist Information center, you have the chance to directly see and feel the world of Hallyu. Using touch screen, see never before seen videos of Hallyu stars and even wear clothes that appeared in certain dramas!


Extra information

Subway : Bundang line, Apgujeong Rodeo Station, exits 1-6.
Buses : 143, 145, 240, 352, 440
Gangnam Tourist Information Center :
Inquiries : 02-3445-0111


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