The Solo Traveler’s Guide to Seoul

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Who would you travel Seoul with?


사전 아이콘 

Korean Definition


Honhaengjok (혼행족)  |  [Noun] people who travel alone; solo travelers


Who says traveling must be done together? Breaking away from the mold of traveling together with friends and family, there's been an increasing trend of solo travelers as more and more people seek out the freedom that comes from traveling alone. So, what does one do when traveling alone? What can solo travelers expect when coming into Seoul?





‘The Time Within That Space’

- Ideal times for certain places in Seoul


경복궁의 낮과 밤


Gyeongbokgung Palace can always be found at the same spot, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always the "same" place.
In fact, the palace at 9 am is drastically different from the palace at 9 pm. While the palace is bustling and alive with activities in the morning, it is peacefully serene at night. And time is something that tends to take on a different flow, especially during travel. For many solo travelers who've traveled Seoul, there are specific times which remind them of specific places. Here are some of them.






해방촌 브런치

전자시계 아이콘(10시)    Stylish Brunch  장소 아이콘 Haebangchon

At this hour, Itaewon is a very peaceful place. People who’ve visited Itaewon at night might wonder if it’s the same place because of how different it is during the day.
Once a place to accommodate foreign diplomats back in the Joseon Dynasty, Itaewon has currently transformed into a residential area attracting people from all over the world. Home to a diverse community. this area offers a wide range of food options and delicious brunch cafes.

해방촌 브런치



화살표 아이콘



꼼데가르송 길

전자시계 아이콘(11시)    View Some Unique Buildings  장소 아이콘 Comme des Garçons Street

A T-shaped alleyway in Hannam-dong has become the newest base for young artists and designers. Called the second Garosu-gil, this place has been receiving a lot of hype from the younger crowd. Starting from the Cheil building, to the Garçons building that’s been getting a lot of hype through Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, to the popular Passion 5 bakery launched by SPC Group, to the Understage designed by Pritzker winners Sejima Kazuyo and Nishizawa Ryue, Comme des Garçons Street is chock full of beautifully unique buildings..



화살표 아이콘



광화문 광장

전자시계 아이콘(13시)    Seoul’s Past and Present at a Glance  장소 아이콘 Gwanghwamun

Past the many high-rise buildings concentrated in Gwanghwamun is Gyeongbokgung Palace. Placed amidst the many modern buildings that emit a cold, intimidating aura, the palace itself gives off a warm, welcoming aura. And when the weather is nice and the area is bustling with hanbok clad tourists, it’s easy to picture how the city of Seoul must have looked like in the past. 

Because there are so many company buildings here, many employees wearing company ID tags can be seen walking towards Gwanghwamun during lunch hours. Gwanghwamun Square or nearby cafes can be great spots to people watch during those hours.



화살표 아이콘



여의도 한강공원

전자시계 아이콘(15시)    Feel the Afternoon Breeze Riding the Ttareungi  장소 아이콘 Yeouinaru Hangang Park

Chicken. Rental Bikes. Picnic. These are what people generally think of when anyone mentions Hangang Park. A greatly beloved park located in the heart of Seoul, Hangang Park is a great picnic area where everyone can go to enjoy themselves whether it’s day or night. Visitors can get their fried chickens delivered while resting on their picnic mat or rent out a Ttareungi and ride along the bike path by the Hangang River.

여의도 한강공원 치맥과 따릉이



화살표 아이콘




전자시계 아이콘(17시)    Seoul’s Sunset from Up High  장소 아이콘 Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky

Between a clear, blue sky and a sky dyed orange by the setting sun, which would you rather see? Visitors shouldn’t have to choose when they’re in Seoul because they can see both around 7 pm on the 123rd floor of Seoul Sky Observatory. Thrill seekers can also try out walking on the clear, glass floors of the Sky Deck located on the 118th floor.



화살표 아이콘



전자시계 아이콘(19시)    Street Food  장소 아이콘 Myeongdong

In Seoul, there are so many restaurants to choose from. But if travelers want the authentic night culture experience, trying out some street food from Myeongdong is a definite must. Trending under the hashtag #streetfood, Myeongdong’s streets are full of stalls selling all kinds of food in various size and shapes. Simple but delicious, these selections of mouth-watering street food will be sure to delight everyone’s palate.




화살표 아이콘




전자시계 아이콘(21시)    Illuminated City Night View from Seoul's Landmark  장소 아이콘 N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is Seoul’s main landmark. Considered to be one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul, it's a place that continues to constantly attracts new visitors. Enjoy the cooler night air and walk up the trails to come upon one of the most beautiful night views of Seoul spread out before your eyes.







Eating Alone, Drinking Alone




Traveling alone shouldn’t be intimidating. Because in Seoul, there’s been an increasing number of places where singles can go to eat and drink by themselves.
There’s absolutely no reason for solo travelers to limit themselves to just fast food and snack bars or rush through the eating experience. Instead, they can come and leisurely enjoy a meal and a drink by themselves in the wonderful city of Seoul..



#Eating Alone #Drinking Alone


2018_6월 뉴스레터_메인기사12_en 


Mayo Kitchen 장소 아이콘26 Itaewon-ro 14-gil, Itaewon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Everything on the menu is less than 10,000 won! And every rice bowl is made with healthy, organic ingredients. Small and cozy, this is a great place for visitors to enjoy their meal alone in peace. 

Myeongdong Kyoja 장소 아이콘 20 Myeongdong 7ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
This place is already well-known and always filled with customers. When travelers tell them up front that they came alone, the staff will guide them to a table specifically made for one. Their kalguksu and spicy kimchi make for a great meal.

First Story 장소 아이콘 811-3 Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
This place comes equipped with a 1-person grill. Visitors can enjoy cooking various cuts of beef on their own personal grills. 

Aoi Sora, Daytime Drinking Bar 장소 아이콘 79-1 Usadan-ro 10-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
This is a strange place that encourages daytime drinking. Having over 30 different kind of traditional Korean alcohol, this place is highly recommended for visitors who would like to try out unique alcoholic beverages. 

Kiwa Taproom 장소 아이콘 74-7 Yulgok-ro 1-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Located near Anguk Station, Kiwa Taproom is a craft beer pub. Here, visitors can enjoy a pint of beer in a hanok house. Due to the serenity often associated with hanok architecture, visitors might find themselves wondering if this place really is a pub or not.