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The locations featured in Korean variety shows may be unfamiliar to most viewers, but they are worth visiting when in Seoul. Visit Seoul is always on the hunt for the latest trendy spots in the city and have found some fun and trendy places that have also appeared on Korean TV shows. Try planning a date based on the places Hallyu stars have visited on variety shows.

Tour Course

Code Escape - In the A - Lotte World Tower CinePark

Course 1 "We Got Married" Escape Room : Code Escape

Code Escape

코드1 Code Escape was the unique place where Eric Nam and Mamamoo member Solar met for the first time on the Korean TV show, “We Got Married.” Code Escape is an escape room and cafe. Here, visitors are trapped in a themed room, given a real-life scenario, and tasked with escaping within 60 minutes using the clues in the room. The exits of the room become sealed once visitors enter and they must quickly uncover and decode the clues in the room to escape. With themes like “Prison Break A·B” and “War: The Beginning,” solving clues and spending time trying to escape can be thrilling and fun. Whether you come with friends or on a date, a visit to Code Escape is a fun experience you’ll always remember. 코드2

Code Escape

Address : 69 Wawoosan-ro 29-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Hours : 10:30-23:30

Tel : +82-2-335-1303

Website :

Course 2 "Youth Over Flowers – Africa: Director’s Cut" Rooftop Camping

In the A

인디에이1Is it possible to go camping in the middle of a huge city, surrounded? The answer is yes! The outdoor living store In the A was the filming location of "Youth Over Flowers – Africa: Director’s Cut." The rooftop camping space in Itaewon offers visitors a great bird’s eye view of the red brick and white roof buildings near the store. Perhaps it’s because Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol and the other rising young actors in their 20s were there, but this rooftop camping space seemed to shine even brighter as they enjoyed a camping party complete with grill and other equipment. Experience nightviews of Seoul during an exciting barbecue party at the same place where Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol and others had a party too. The cozy tent and rooftop location with views of Mount Namsan adds to the romantic atmosphere.

In the A

Address : 78 Itaewon-ro 52-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Tel : +82-2-790-8571

Hours : 09:00-24:00

Website :

Course 3 “Infinite Challenge” Movie Theater : Lotte World Tower CinePark

Lotte World Tower CinePark

시네파크 메인 You may think to yourself what’s so different about a movie theater? However Lotte World Tower CinePark is a little different. In the 7th floor of Lotte Cinema within Lotte World Tower there is a stage installed in the main hall that also acts as a performance venue. Here, a variety of performances and experiences are put on for movie goers to enjoy while waiting to catch their movie. Last year "Infinite Challenge" air a special episode of the "Infinite Challenge Song Festival," showing a number of movie theaters but this was the grandest in scale. On the stage, visitors can catch small performances, movie presentations, and even attend exhibitions featuring figurines of characters from the movies. This is movie theater where one can enjoy a movie and relax while delighting all their senses!시네파크2

Lotte World Tower CinePark

Address : 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Tel : +82-2-3213-5000

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