Winner’s recommended Hongdae tour, “REALLY REALLY”

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YG is an emerging entertainment company in Hongdae. Winner, a younger group following YG's male idol group Big Bang, is composed of members from a highly competitive audition program, and their individual performance befits their background. “REALLY REALLY,” which was released in April 2017, has attracted public attention by surpassing 100 million cases of aggregate music streams.
Winner members are famous for their frequent appearances in Hongdae, and it takes more than a day to visit all the places where Winner members go and where they recommended their fans to go, including restaurants, cafes, and clothing shops. Let’s go explore Hongdae along with Winner, who love Hongdae, streets full of youth, and new trends.

Tour Course

Zen Hideaway – 1987 Rooftop Lounge – Halli Galli Gold Mining Cafe – Mars Flower



Asian-Italian dining where you want to bring your favorite ones

Zen Hideaway



Winner members stopped by this restaurant in the V LIVE episode “Relaxing for a short while after the music show” in May 2017 before going to a fan signing session. As usual, they talked with each other, and they paid the bill by choosing who picked the longest pasta noodle, a joyful scene which amused fans.
There are a wide range of menu choices that were ordered by Winner, including Italian food such as carbonara and gorgonzola pizza and Asian food based on Thai food khao phat kung (prawn chili fried rice) and green curry, along with various wines and beers. This place is also a famous date spot, with its cool atmosphere with pretty gardens and unique ornaments.


Zen Hideaway

  Address: Wowsanro 17 Gil Mapo-gu Seoul

  Operating hours: Sun-Thu 11:30-23:00 Fri-Sat 11:30-24:00

  Contact: +82-2-3141-1461

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Enjoy Hongdae’s night view in a unique space

1987 Rooftop Lounge



Winner notified fans of their comeback album, 「OUR TWENTY FOR」, at this place on V LIVE and the venue is located near Hongdae Sangsangmadang. This place is so popular that there are no seats available on weekends. This romantic space, decorated with neon lighting and modern interior, is a good place to watch the night view of Hongdae.
There are more than 50 kinds of cocktails, wine, beer, and a variety of other drinks, and nachos and fried potatoes that go well with the various drinks. In addition, this is a perfect brunch place with rich meal options including pasta, pizza, and steak. There is also a seating area for large groups, making it the best place for gatherings.



1987 Rooftop Lounge

  Address: 20 Jandari-ro Mapo-gu Seoul

  Operating hours: Sun-Thu 15:30-03:00 Fri, Sat, Holidays 15:30-04:00

  Contact: +82-2-332-1989



Cafe where you mine gold and diamonds

Halli Galli Gold Mining Cafe



This is a place where Winner visited on 「New Journey to the West Restaurant Kang」, and you can experience a unique experience of collecting gold and diamonds. The experience course is divided into gold and diamond courses. The fee includes a beverage and a storage bottle that can be used to hold the acquired gold or diamonds.
The gold mining experience dips a plate of sand in water to filter sand and gold, whereas you can find diamonds in the sand using lights and a magnifying glass. In the broadcast, Lee Seung-hoon discovered diamonds and made other members jealous.
If you collect 0.3 g of gold here, you can exchange it for 1 g of gold and when 30 pieces of diamond grains are collected, you will get 0.1 carats in return. It won’t be easy for you to stop mining because you will be caught up in the fun of finding hidden treasures!


Halli Galli Gold Mining Cafe

주소  Address: 3F 23 Eoulmadangro 5 Gil Mapo-gu Seoul

운영시간  Operating hours: 13:00-23:00

문의  Contact: +82-2-332-9242

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Where Lee Seung-hoon met his pet plant

Mars Flower



Last January, member Lee Seung-hoon uploaded a photo of a cactus that seemed to be holding one hand up. He said he named the cactus Ahnyeonghi and introduced it as a new family member. The place where Lee Seung-hoon met Ahnyeonghi is Mars Flower, located in Hongdae. On one side of the wall, the autograph of Dong-hyuk of iKon, which belongs to YG Entertainment, is hanging as well with the autograph of Lee Seung-hoon.
Mars Flower is famous for various flower lessons. Particularly, its one day class, where you can finish a flower box or a flower basket in one class, is popular. The class gives you the special healing experience while providing a change to give the beautiful flowers to your loved ones.



Mars Flower

  Address: #107, 393-18 Hapjeong-dong Mapo-gu Seoul

  Operating hours: Mon-Sat 10:00-19:30

  Contact: +82-70-4207-1919

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※ Please note that this article was published in July 2018 and the above information is subject to change at any time.