Strolling Around Seoul in a Hanbok

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Hanbok: A Break in the Ordinary


Ever since a couple of years ago, it’s been getting easier and easier to spot people strolling around Seoul in hanbok. Although wearing a hanbok has always been traditionally reserved for special occasions and holidays such as the Lunar New Year and Chuseok, it’s now possible for them to be worn anytime, bringing a little spark back to the humdrum of everyday life.

Many tourists and locals alike can be found frequenting the hanbok rental shops nearby major attractions. After all, wearing a hanbok and walking through the attractions in Seoul can be a special kind of experience. It can be especially so when visiting old palaces and cultural heritage sites, almost leading one to believe as if they’ve traveled back in time to the past.


한복의 다양한 장신구


There are many good things about a hanbok; the fullness of the skirts, the vibrant colors, and the intricate designs of the embroidery are just a few examples. Also, they're extremely comfortable to wear. Visitors who have worn one before have nothing but praises for them. Due to their numerous charms, many visitors can be found wandering around the city, fully enjoying their hanbok experience.






Why Wear a Hanbok?


카페 안 한복입은 사람들


Many hanbok rental shops can be found throughout the traditional districts of Insadong, Bukchon, and Samcheong-dong. Perhaps it’s due to the easy accessibility of the shops being right next to all the major tourist attractions, but come every weekend, the streets are full of visitors clad in hanbok, making the districts come alive with their vibrant splashes of color. With the popularity of walking around in hanbok on the rise, springtime in the city is always full of the fluttering vibrancy of hanbok as visitors rush by to capture their moments on camera.

One unusually warm day in March, the temperature in Seoul peaked all the way to 20°C. It was the perfect kind of day for walking around in a hanbok! To gain more insight into why visitors wore hanbok around the city, Visit Seoul went to track them down for an interview.




1. “We coordinated the outfit ourselves."

These Japanese students were here in Seoul for their spring break. Not wanting to wear the same colors, the effort they took to coordinate their outfits clearly shows in their dazzling attires. They were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was to wear a hanbok.



2. “We had some time off so we came to the city.”

These Koreans came to look around Bukchon on their day off. Wearing themed hanbok, they looked extremely pleased as they walked around, enjoying the spring weather.



3. “My daughter googled it herself.”

The girl looked amazing with her cute hair accessory and earrings. Apparently, she had googled the hanbok rental shop herself and even got her mother to dress up in hanbok as well. With the father nagging about getting their money’s worth by taking a lot of good pictures, this family looked a picture of bliss as they toured around Seoul.



4. “The mother and her friend's daughter”

This group of tourists was made up of a mother, her friend, and their daughters. Stepping up for the other two who were camera shy, the mother and her friend's daughter posed for the picture. It was great to see the group of four enjoying themselves in the city.



5. “As many pictures as you want.”

“I’m from Luxembourg and she’s from Germany. We’re both flight attendants. We both got the same days off so we came to look around Seoul. The hanbok is very beautiful. Feel free to take a lot of picture of us!”



6. “We saw hanbok in so many Korean dramas.”

These girls from Hong Kong stood out with their beautifully done hair. They were super cool with the team asking them to twirl and asking for closer shots of their accessories.