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Naksan City Wall

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Walking Tour Introduction
Rediscover Seoul at Naksan City Wall
Come to Seoul's "Montmartre", a romantic spot popular with couples and the filming location of many Korean films
This walking tour follows along the scenic section of Seoul City Wall that stretches from Dongdaemun to Naksan (Mt.) ; Naksan Park and the Naksan Museum;
Walking Tour Details
1) Heunginjimun -> 2) Seoul City Wall Museum -> 3) Palgakjeong(Hongdeogi Field) -> 4) The top of Naksan(observatory) -> 5) Naksan Exhibition Hall Naksan 1-gil -> 6) Marronnier Park

Length of tour : 2~3hours

Meeting Place : Dongdaemun Station, exit 7 (subway line 1, 4)
Experience programs offered by museums are not included in the walking tour. Participation in experience programs must be done individually once the tour is over.

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Major Tourist Attractions
Dongdaemun (Heunginjimun Gate)
Heunginjimun (Gate) was built by King Taejo during his fifth year of reign in 1398. It is designated as National Treasure of Korea No 1. The gate is more commonly known as Dongdaemun (Great East Gate), as it was the major eastern gate situated in the city walls (Seoul City Wall) built to protect Seoul during the Joseon Dynasty.
Seoul City Wall
Designated Historic Site No. 10, Seoul City Wall is an 18.2 km wall that surrounds the city, built during the Joseon Dynasty. Along its length are four large gates and four small gates. The popular mountain ridge trail that follows along the well-preserved rampart commands spectacular panoramic views of midtown Seoul.
Map of Walking Tour Route