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[Winners] My Happiest Memory in Seoul!
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Announcing the Winners of the My Happiest Memory in Seoul Contest!

Thank you to all of those who participated in the ‘My Happiest Memory in Seoul’ contest. We are happy to announce the winners of our event! In order to claim your prize, winners must contact us at:, by Sept. 21st, 23:59 P.M. KST.

* Required Personal Information
- Grand Prize Winners: Name, E-mail, Address (The address at which you would like to receive your prize). 
- Participation Prize Winners: Name, E-mail

* Prize Details
- Grand Prize (5 winners): One iPad Mini, your piece published in the Korea Times, and 100,000 won as compensation for your writing.
- Participation Prize (20 winners): $20 USD Amazon Gift Card

* Writer's Fee
- The 100,000 won will be paid to winners directly by the Korea Times. Upon sending your personal information to, the Korea Times will contact you shortly. 
○ Grand Prize Winners
Ti**t*y O*g
Al******r S**u
C***a Bu***s
Si*** R**z
H*****i R*****a I***m R****i
○ Participation Prize Winners
M****e M****l
Ad***** R******ti
K*****a P*z
Prei** *y
Uly* ***hika
A* *o
NeoN*** ***zarin
Ann* *in
Kris** **do
Ko* *i *ei
Sh* **ee
Ti** *u *oo
Yoy** ***rastyo
Tise** ***doyo
Shirg** *cf
Ver* *ee (베**)
Arm** Ancho*** **rinan

※ Notice:
1. The prize will be forfeit if not claimed by Sept. 21st, 2016.
2. Visit Seoul is not responsible for any misspellings that occur during information transfer, or errors made when sending in personal details.
3. Personal information submitted will be used for the purpose of this event only. 
4. Entries that did not conform to the event guidelines and rules, and or submitted past the event deadline were automatically disqualified.