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Seoullo 7017 SNS #Hashtag Event
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Seoul City Walking ToursSeoullo 7017 SNS #Hashtag EventHow to participate 1. During the Seoullo walking tour, upload your selfies orpictures of sceneries taken from Seoullo 7017. 2.#seoullo 7017,#seoulcitywalkingtours,#visitseoul(Two or more hash tags are required) 3.Please show us your uploaded picture at Traveller's cafe afterSeoul City Walking ToursPeriod: July 15, 2017 (Sat) - Until gifts are out of stock Receiving Place: Seoullo 7017 Travellers' cafeWebsite : http://dobo.visitseoul.netWe are giving everyone a gift for uploading a picture of Seoullo 7017course on SNS with a hash tag!NoteMagnetHand kerchief