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[Winners] NCT Video Event
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Hot & Young Seoul X NCT LIFE the satisfying 2days 1 night Seoul trip of NCT members  


Thank you to everyone who took partin NCT Video Event!

We are happy to announce the winnersof our event.

In order to claim the prizes, winnersmust contact us at:, 

by Sep. 23th, 23:59 KST with their realname and address.


The participation prizes will be sentthrough the international delivery service.






1st Place (5 winners) 

NCT minibag

Astenia Maulid**, 717jw**, Nong Nymnu**,Nat Natc**, nct_mark_d**



2nd Place (10 winners) 

NCT Coloringbook

sori_**, Jed Rattik**, hansoo6**,britty dat**, Unique K**,

Jang501**, hansoo6**, e99_6**, moonnsun**, *



3rd Place (20 winners) 

NCT Tin caseclip

DlDDj1LP1nafs**, Frankie S**,tanatana02344**, 980219_9908**, Tee Yok K**,

오유 *, CahRtPSJODMqh**, Chanchill**, Jsyo**, HansolL**,

MahraCh**, the_5th_sen**, j k**, markonme**,senee**,

최유 *, 0813NANA**, alsguswjddl**, d97214**, 전호 *



Terms & Conditions:

1. The prize may be forfeited if notclaimed by Sep. 23th, 2018.

2. Visit Seoul is not responsible forany misspellings that occur during information transfer 

or errors made  whensending in personal details.

3. Submitted personal informationwill be used for the purpose of this event only.

4. Applications that are submittedpast the event deadline are automatically disqualified.