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Seoulites' Picks

How to Enjoy Hongdae to the Fullest

Published Date : Apr 28, 2022 / Edited Date : May 18, 2022
How to Enjoy Hongdae to the Fullest. Suitable things to do on a particular day in Hongdae.

Spring is the season of youth, the icon of radiance and passion. Hongdae is where radiant youth let their personalities shine. Hot, new trends are born in Hongdae, boasting a unique vibe crafted by distinct locations and the crowds of visitors. Hongdae is the optimal place for those who want to have fun as they please. Want to hang out in an area packed with trendy locations? In this edition of Seoulites’ Picks, we bring you a curated selection of fun activities for you to let loose and enjoy yourself in Hongdae.


A Holy Ground for Indie Fans

The multitude of people and flashy signboards capture your eyes once you step into the streets from Hongik University Station of subway line two. The fashionable people and music pouring out from every which direction will make you realize that you are in Hongdae. Another element we hardly leave out when mentioning the culture of Hongdae is the indie culture. Featuring youth, resistance, and challenge, Hongdae has become a symbol of indie culture. Recently, Indiespace, a dedicated theater for indie films, opened in Hongdae and is expected to become a sort of holy ground for indie fans.

Combination of two pictures. On the left side is Won Seunghwan the director of Indiespace, on the right side is the Indiespace ticket booth and lounge area.

“Made possible not only by the film producers but also through the sponsorship and participation of individual moviegoer, Indiespace has become a communal space for the audience and those working in the film industry.
- Seunghwan WON, Director, Indiespace

The first dedicated theater for indie films in Korea recently relocated to Hongdae. Indiespace screens Korean independent films all year round. Located near Hongik University Station, exit 8, Indiespace doesn’t seem to be much different from other movie theaters when seen from the outside. A few posters with primary-colored circles, triangles, and squares barely indicate that you are at Indiespace. However, once stepping into the lobby, a bulletin board comprised of the emblem of Indiespace and indie film posters, which are not found in large theaters, assure you that you have arrived in the right place. The moment you open the doors of the theater, its identity as an indie film-only theater finally comes into view. The theater seats are labeled with the names of the sponsors for Indiespace. Film directors, actors, and even individual moviegoers, have provided sponsorship as a sign of their affection for Indiespace. It is quite touching to read the names labeled on each seat as each name represents their love for indie films and their hope for the indie film industry to continue onward.

Inside view of the theater List of people who have sponsored a seat
Sponsors introduction notice

“Hongdae, the symbol of indie culture, is an area with a close-set indie film audience.
If connections are successfully made with other cultures and blend well with the local community, it may be able to add more diversity to Hongdae's culture.”

Indiespace operates various programs, such as Indie Doljanchi, a program that re-screens films that have been screened more than a year ago by asking the audience to vote for films they wish to watch again (Doljanchi is derived from dol, which refers to a baby’s first birthday celebration in Korea), and Speaking of Films, a program where critics introduce films to the audience and give lectures on film criticism.

This is part of a significant effort made by Indiespace to ensure good films are remembered for a longer period of time while helping the audience go beyond the act of simply watching movies and better understand them with a broader perspective.

 picture of a movie in a four-cut cartoon
Posters of current screenings

“Unlike commercial films, independent films enable us to discover our different tastes.
I hope Indiespace can serve as a “space of discovery” where you can find some hidden gem-like films and discover what thoughts are on your mind, what you like, and how you are going about filling up your life.”

Dreaming of a world where people with different tastes and unbiased thoughts look forward to the present day and wonder what tomorrow will bring, Indiespace awaits you with indie films echoing different voices.

Busking Zone: Outdoor Performance Stage

Busking at Hongdae is Finally Back

So many things have been put on pause due to the pandemic, and one of the things we have been craving for over the last two or more years was watching performances. We wanted to sing amidst the crowd with the singer and fall into rhythm with the passionate dancers working up a sweat. That desire grew stronger when listening to the music on the streets.

Members of the women's dance team, Majesty, dancing at the busking zone in Hongdae

Among the different types of music performances, busking is one of the leading activities defining Hongdae. Busking at Hongdae has been banned due to the pandemic, but with the recent ease of preventive measures, busking has resumed for the first time in 16 months. Only two of the four outdoor performance stages at pedestrian-friendly street in Hongdae are open; nonetheless, the slots for busking outdoors were fully booked in April, proving that many have been passionately waiting for the performances.

Back view of the women's dance team Majesty
The audience captures the dancers on video Dancing in Hongdae Busking Zone and a view of the audience

Not only songs but also dances, instrumental shows, and other various performances are awaiting. The performances are staged only in the evenings on weekdays but begin from noon on weekends. Come and watch the busking performances where you can enjoy K-pop and K-culture right before your eyes. The sweet melodies playing on a spring evening will turn into the perfect background music for your romantic date, and the vigorous K-pop and dance performances are sure to make you feel as if you're attending a vibrant Hallyu concert in person. The streets of Hongdae are indeed a place to enjoy such diversity.


A Wonderful and Unique World of Drawings

Numerous coffee shops in Hongdae are ready with open arms to welcome patrons. If you are looking for a new, unique, and hip place that can spark up a little excitement in your life in Hongdae, then this place is for you.

Outside view of Greem cafe
A close-up shot of the outside of Greem cafe. Inside chairs and tables are visible through  the window

The moment you step into Greem Café, you will suddenly find yourself taking pictures with your camera. This coffee shop that features a unique design also appeared in the popular Netflix romance movie, To All the Boys: Always and Forever.

Inside view of Greem cafe Bags and hats hanging on the wall
A hat and shirt are hanging behind the cabinet, and a bag is on a small chair

Everything in Greem Café seems like drawings on a huge sketchbook. Made up of white backgrounds and black lines, this coffee shop makes you feel like a drawing on a canvas. You drink your beverage from a flat-looking cup placed on a table that looks like a two-dimensional drawing while sitting on a chair that seems to be drawn with a black pen on white paper. You feel like the protagonist of your own story captured in illustrated form.

Featured with a spacious, clean interior and unique design, Greem Café also has seats for groups and bijou goods for sale. Already known as a trendy place on social media, it is the perfect place to take an eccentric photo to remember.

There is a dessert and a cup of coffee on the table
The menu Coffee, clothes-shaped badges

Once placing your order from the wide range of menus at Greem Café, your beverage and dessert will be served in its one-off signature tableware. The cups and plates designed in line with the interior concept will add fun to your experience. Like Alice in Wonderland, come and get lost at Greem Café, Hongdae. It is sure to reward you with a mysterious and memorable experience.


A Novel Date Amidst Fragrant Flowers

Once in a while, we want to take a step back from the streets of Hongdae packed with flashy signboards, lucent neon signs, and music, and visit a tranquil park or garden. Colline is exactly that.

Outside view of Colline cafe

The fragrance of flowers stimulates our hearts, while the green plants help us center ourselves. As if invited to a floral world teeming with life, the interior is filled with everything that tell of spring's arrival.

The café Colline consists of two floors. The first floor is a sunroom where customers can leisurely enjoy their time among flowers regardless of the season or weather. The second floor is an open terrace that makes you feel as if you're out on a picnic on a sunny day.

There is a combination of four pictures. The upper left shows an inside view of Colline, and the lower-left shows flowers in a bucket. There's a cabinet and many plants on the top right, and the bottom shows Colline’s interior view from the terrace.

As a place that looks like a secret garden offering a sense of happiness through its arrangement flowers and plants, Colline has already become well-known as the film location for K-dramas, including Vincenzo, Nevertheless, and True Beauty, and entertainment programs, such as Show Me the Money 9 and Sporty Sisters.

Cotton candy latte and ripe persimmon bingsu, brunch
heart-shaped succulents There are many bouquets in the flower box

Among the various beverages, bread, and cakes available at Colline, popular menus, in particular, include soft persimmon over bingsu, or shaved ice, and a cotton latte, where latte is topped with mouth-filling, giant cotton candy.

At Hongdae, shopping is a must. Colline happens to run a flower shop, so feel free to shop for some special flowers. Beautiful flowers and cute heart-shaped cactuses are awaiting a new home. The café and flower shop are open from 10 AM to 11 PM, so why not head to Colline for a picnic? It's the perfect pick for a romantic Hongdae experience spent among the flowers where you're sure to leave satisfied.

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※ This article is dated April 2022. Business operations and business hours may change according to government quarantine guidelines. Please check before visiting.


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  • Reservations for the following month are available from the 15th of the current month.
  • Masks are required for participation in all tour programs.
  • Please refrain from participating in any tour programs should you be experiencing any symptoms, including fever, coughing, congestion, muscle pain, stuffy nose, and/or sore throat.
  • Reservations for tourists 14 years & under without an accompanying adult or guardian shall be canceled on site.
  • [As of one day prior to the tour date] All reservations shall be canceled in the event of emergency particulate matter reduction measures taken and/or inclement weather conditions, including excessive heat waves, typhoons, heavy rain, and more, that may impede Seoul Guided Walking Tour operations.
  • The Seoul Guided Walking Tour administration office and tour guide affiliates are not responsible for any accidents that happen to occur during the tour program.
Read before Reservation
  • Reservation shall be made at least 1 week before the tour day.
  • The course is for tourists with mobility problems (Senior, people with disability, stroller user).
  • You may not use the course without an assistant (or companion)
    ※ At least one assistant shall accompany a tourist with mobility problem
    ※ In case of electric assisting device users (electric wheelchair, electric scooter users), one assistant may accompany up to 4 tourists with mobility problem
  • Reservation may be canceled when a guide is unavailable on the desired date and course.
  • Seoul Guided Walking Tour Office (02-6925-0777) will contact you to confirm reservation.
    (At least 5 days~1 month before tour day) Reservation may be canceled when Seoul Guided Walking Tour Office cannot reach you for more than 3 times.
  • Seoul Guided Walking Tour Office and Seoul culture and tourism guide are not liable for the safety accidents during the Seoul Guided Walking Tour.
  • All reservations are canceled when Seoul Guided Walking Tour is unavailable due to Particulate Matter Reduction Measure or other weather conditions (heat wave, typhoon, heavy rain). (As of the date before the tour day)
  • 観光予定日を基準として最小3日前まで予約可能です。
  • 最大3名様までお電話やメールでご予約をお願いいたします。
  • 既に予約されたコースの中で、グループ別の定員を超えない予約に限り、観光予定日の1日前の17時まで追加での予約が可能です。
  • 翌月の予約は前月の15日から可能です。
  • 解説プログラム参加時は、必ずマスク着用をお願いします。
  • 発熱または呼吸器症状(熱、咳、痰、筋肉痛、鼻づまり、喉の痛み等)がある場合は、解説プログラムへのご参加はお控えください。
  • 保護者が同伴しない満14歳未満の観光客は、現場でキャンセルとなります。
  • PM2.5非常低減措置の発令およびその他の気象状況の悪化(猛暑、台風、豪雨等)により徒歩観光の運営が難しい場合は、すべての予約が一括キャンセルされます。(観光予定日の前日基準)
  • 解説が行われる際に発生した安全事故について、ソウル徒歩解説観光事務局とソウル文化観光解説士は責任を負いません。
  • 予約は観光日を基準として少なくとも1週間前まで可能です。
  • 本コースは、移動弱者(移動が不自由な高齢者、障害者、ベビーカー利用者など)のためのコースです。
  • 補助人(或いは同行人)を伴わない場合は利用できません。
  • ご希望の日付及びコースに活動可能な解説士がいない場合、予約はキャンセルされることがあります。
  • 予約を確認するため、徒歩観光事務局(02-6925-0777)で確認のための連絡が行われます。
  • 解説を進行する時に発生する安全事故に対し、徒歩観光事務局とソウル文化観光解説士は
  • PM 2.5(ピーエムにてんご)の非常低減措置発令及びその他の気象悪化(猛暑、台風、暴雨など)によって
  • 观光日基准最少3日前方可进行预约。
  • 最多可以预约3个人。
  • 在已登记的预约团体中,只接待不超过预约人数的团体,可在前一天17时前追加预约。
  • 下个月的预约可从前一月15日开始。
  • 参加徒步观光解说活动时必须佩戴口罩。
  • 如有发热或呼吸道症状(发烧、咳嗽、痰液、肌肉痛、鼻塞、咽喉痛等),请避免参与解说活动。
  • 无保护者随同的未满14岁儿童游客,会在现场取消解说活动。
  • 因发布微尘紧急低减措施及其他气象恶化(暴热、台风、暴雨等)无法运营徒步观光解说活动时,所有预约会批量取消。(观光前日基准)
  • 对于解说活动中发生的安全事故,首尔徒步解说旅游事务局和首尔文化观光解说社不予负责。
  • 观光日基准最少1日前方可进行预约。
  • 本线路是为了行动不便者(行动不便的高龄者、残疾人、婴儿车利用者等)的路线。
  • 无辅助人员(或同行人)伴随时,不可利用。
    ※ 步行不便者1名至少需要1名以上的辅助人员陪同。
    ※ 电动辅助器具(电动轮椅、电动独轮车等)使用者时,每一位辅助人员最多可陪同 4名步行不便者。
  • 希望观光的日期及线路上无解说员时,预约有可能被取消。
  • 为了确认预约,徒步观光事务局(02-6925-0777)会致电进行确认。
    (最少5日~一个月前) 3次以上无法连接时,预约将被取消。
  • 进行解说时,对于有可能发生的安全事故,徒步观光事务局和首尔文化观光解说员概不负责。
  • 因发布微尘紧急低减措施及其他气象恶化(暴热、台风、暴雨等),无法运营 徒步观光时,所有预约会批量取消。
  • 最晚請於預約日期3天前完成預約。
  • 最多可以预约3个人。
  • 已完成預約的團體若人數超過限制,可於前一天下午5點前追加預約。
  • 每月15日將開放下個月的預約。
  • 參與解說觀光時請務必佩戴口罩。
  • 若有發燒或呼吸道症狀(發燒、咳嗽、咳痰、肌肉酸痛、鼻塞、喉嚨痛),請避免參與本活動。
  • 未有保護者同行的未滿14歲兒童遊客,會在現場取消參與資格。
  • 因發布微塵緊急降低措施及其他天氣惡化(暴熱、台風、豪雨等),無法進行徒步觀光時,所有預約將取消。(預約日期前日基準)
  • 進行解說時,對於有可能發生的安全事故,首爾徒步解說觀光事務局和首爾文化觀光解說員概不負責。
  • 觀光日基準最少1日前方可進行預約。
  • 本線路是為了行動不便者(行動不便的高齡者、殘疾人、嬰兒車利用者等)的路線。
  • 無輔助人員(或同行人)伴隨時,不可利用。
    ※ 步行不便者1名至少需要1名以上的輔助人員陪同。
    ※ 電動輔助器具(電動輪椅、電動獨輪車等)使用者時,每壹位輔助人員最多可陪同 4名步行不便者。
  • 希望觀光的日期及線路上無解說員時,預約有可能被取消。
  • 為了確認預約,徒步觀光事務局(02-6925-0777)會致電進行確認。
    (最少5日~壹個月前) 3次以上無法連接時,預約將被取消。
  • 進行解說時,對於有可能發生的安全事故,徒步觀光事務局和首爾文化觀光 解說員概不負責。
  • 因發布微塵緊急低減措施及其他氣象惡化(暴熱、臺風、暴雨等),無法運營 徒步觀光時,所有預約會批量取消。 (觀光前日基準)