Application criteria and How to Particip
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Requirements for the applications

The inbound tourist packages of the entire world (from the travel agencies registered with KATA) that meet following requirements
※ Among the products that meet the application criteria, the Excellent Tourism Packages of Seoul are selected through the evaluation on their originality, contribution to the tourism of Seoul, and sustainability

The Quality Tourism Package Certification Program Application Requirements

1. Accommodations within the City of Seoul, Tourist Hotel grade or higher (at least two nights)
  • New system: One star or higher (Old system: Two roses of Sharon or higher)
2.Alternative accommodation business certified by the City of
Seoul or Korea Tourism Organization (at least two nights)
  • Traditional Korean House Stay, Temple Stay, Good Stay,
    Hi Seoul Youth Hostel, etc.

※ Winter packages (Nov., Dec.) and Pyeongchang Olympics-related products qualify for an overnight stay at tourist hotels in Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do regions

Two to three meals within the itinerary for Seoul,
total 20,000 won /person
  • 7,000 won or higher per meal/person
  • One breakfast at the tourist hotel is allowed.
  • One meal at a restaurant in Gyeonggi region allowed.

Cultural experience
1. One or more sites for experiencing the culture of Seoul, Fee of KRW 10,000 /person or above
2. Two or three sites for experiencing the culture of Seoul,Fee of KRW 15,000 /person or above
(no minimum fee available for experiencing one site)
  • One or more paid contents among Seoul New Tourism Resource (Seoul Tour+ offered)
  • Products related to festivals in Seoul
    (Hangang Summer Festival, Seoul Kimchi Festival, Seoul Lantern Festival, etc.)

※ Common factors

  • One winter package (Nov., Dec.) site qualify
    as a Gyeonggi-do or Gangwon-do region tourist site
  • Recognize one medical experience
    (health examination, visit to dentist, etc.) as a cultural experience

Holders of the Tourist Interpreter and Guide License

Itinerary in Seoul
At least two days of full-day sightseeing in Seoul
(six hours per day)
Detailed evaluation criteria
Criteria Max score Details
Originality 30 Uniqueness and differentiation of the product and
the theme
Contribution to the tourism in
40 Extent of contribution to the tourism industry of
Seoul through quality destination/experience
combinations  Extent of contribution to the tourism
industry of Seoul through quality composition of
accommodations and meals
Sustainability 15 Package sales performance and tourist inflow
15 Improvement of the reputation of Seoul by
utilizing the Excellent Tourism Resources of Seoul
Total 100
Extra Points (limited to package tours)
Category Details
Seoul Metropolitan Government Policies Local Daily Life Experience Tour Products that include daily life experience of the citizens of Seoul such as themed alley, Oraegage, Seoullo7017 night tour, etc.
Seoul Walking Tours Products that feature Hanyangdoseong, Dulle-gil Trails, and Seoul's Catholic Pilgrimage Routes
Cooperation by other cities and provinces Products that include other cities (Daegu, Incheon, etc.) such as K-Travel Bus
Cruise 2019 Cruise product including Seoul tour (in-bound) for tourists who visit Seoul through Incheon port
Festivals in Seoul Products related to festivals or events in Seoul (Seoul Lantern Festival, Seoul Kimchi Festival, etc.)
Hangang River-related items Products with a Hangang River-related narrative (Hangang-themed story such as Hangang Mongttang)
Ecology•Industry Tour Products that include nature(mountain, parks) in downtown, industrial facilities (Culture Tank, Gvalley, DMC, etc.)
Themed Products Chartered plane New travel destinations, existing destinations, or local airport-related products that include a tour of Seoul
Traditional Culture Products that include traditional culture experience such as traditional martial arts(Taekwondo, Taekkyeon), traditional markets, etc.
Hallyu Hallyu products in Seoul including K-Pop concerts, fan meetings, and K-pop dance classes
Cultural Heritage Products that include Seoul future heritage and world heritage
Ethnic Tourism Products that include foreign culture experience such as foreign villages in Seoul
Premiun Tour Products that include a Korean private course dinner, unique venues, high-quality leisure sports(yacht, ski, etc.)
Wedding•Beauty Products related to Wedding•Beauty(wedding in Seoul, make-up, beauty treatment, etc.)
Medical Tour Medical(including Medical Examination) or Beauty tours in Seoul that include a tour of Seoul
One or more contents that are seoul metropolitan government-discovered new or recommended tourism resources (Seoul Tour+ offered)
in 2019
Etc Whether you buy travel insurance for travelers or not

※ When the product qualifies for two or more categories, added points for only one category will be acknowledged

Application and Inquiry (Seoul Tourism Organization)
by Region Phone E-mail
Japan 02-3788-8126
China 02-3788-0835
South East Asia /
Americas and Europe

※ See the attachment for further details on the program regarding participation. Download the attachment.