Recruiting for Global Seoul Mate 2020
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2020 Global Seoul Mate Recruitment Notice

Global Seoul Mate, a delegation of foreigners promoting Seoul to the world!
Seoul Tourism Organization is recruiting the next 2020 Global Seoul Mates.
“Follow My Seoul !”


Eligibility Criteria

- A foreigner who loves Seoul and is interested in promoting it to the world.
- A resident of Korea who can fulfill at least 1 GSM mission every month.
※ Missions will often require off-line presence in Seoul (and are usually conducted on weekdays.)
- An expert in creating multimedia contents via images and video.
- An active user of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.


Program Details

- Complete monthly missions by visiting/experiencing Seoul attractions/festivals/event.
- Create image/video contents to promote Seoul visited attractions/festivals/events.
- Upload contents on personal social media accounts to promote Seoul tourism.


Prizes and Benefits

- Receive monthly allowance upon completion of monthly mission.
- Free invitations to tourism and cultural events (usually as VIPs)
- Receive official Global Seoul Mate Participation Certificate.
- Additional great prizes and awards rewarded to outstanding participants.


Application Period

2020. 1. 2. ~ 2020. 2. 14.
※ Application deadline is until 2020. 2. 14. (Fri) 18:00.


Selection Announcement

2020. 2. 28
※ Time: TBD (To be difined)
※ Recruitment results will be sent out via email.


Program Duration

2020. 3. 6. Induction Ceremony ~ 2020.12 Year-End Ceremony
※ Absence from Induction Ceremony (2020. 3. 6.) may result in disqualification from the program.
※ Time: TBD (To be difined)


How to Apply

Submit application via Global Seoul Mate mission board on Visit Seoul website.