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Courtesy Call Request
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Nancy Tumang
Hello, I am tour operator in Manila and I am selling Korea tours. I been sending groups since last year and this April, will bring more than 30 pax and I wanted to give them special treat by asking any special from your local tourism unit in any means of delighting my clients.
My clients mostly first timers and most of them working in local broadcasting television network in Manila.

I am hoping that you can extend us any kind of entertainment in such form like a simple banquet or short trip to any special destinations or special cultural presentations.

I wanted to make them special and we will be staying for 6d5n in Korea commencing April 14 to 19, 2019.

Thank you much in advance. Hope to hear from you soon!


Nancy Evangelista Tumang
General Manager
Wondersky Travel and Tours Inc.
US Mobile- +6192747851
Phil Mobile +639175641661
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Dear Nancy,

Thank you for your message and we apologize for our late reply.
Unfortunately, Visit Seoul does not have any such support program/FAM tours for prospective visitors/groups at this time.

We highly recommend contacting MICE Seoul at they'll be able to either assist you with your request or refer you to another organization/program that can.
You can reach them at

Best regards,
Visit Seoul