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7. Does the Festival include any event programs or experience/sales programs?
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To prevent COVID-19 against proliferation, there are no face-to-face events or programs. However, a non-face-to-face “Photo posting” event will be available allowing easy participation via Instagram. Find hidden BAE-B! Come to find Hanji lanterns of BAE-B hidden at different corners of Festival placed! Post the picture of BAE-B with a hashtag on Instagram, and be one of 200 winners of “Coffee gift coupon”
Hashtag: #twinklingLightofHope#findHiddenBAE-B

The Moon of Hope, the message of Hope Come to take a picture full of individuality right in front of the LED Moon, “the Moon of Hope” and keep your memory forever with others! Post the picture on Instagram with some messages of your wishes, hope and gratitude. Remember that hashtags are indispensable! By random drawing, be one of 50 winners of “Seoul Love gift coupon” (worth 50,000 won).
Hashtag: #twinklingLightofHope#messageofHope