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Outline of Seoul Lantern Festival 2020
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[Period] Oct. 30 (Fri) – Dec. 31 (Thu), 2020
Jamsil Special Tourist Zone: Oct. 30 (Fri) – Nov. 6 (Fri)
Itaewon Special Tourist Zone: Nov. 4 (Wed) – Dec. 31 (Thu)
Dongdaemun Fashion Town: Nov. 6 (Fri) – Nov. 15 (Sun)
Myeongdong Special Tourist Zone: Nov. 13 (Fri) – Nov. 22 (Sun)

Jamsil (Seokchon Lake Park)
Itaewon (World Food Street, Vietnam Quy Nhon Street)
Dongdaemun (In front of Doota Mall)
Myeongdong (in front of Myeongdong Art Theater)

Fantastic combination in harmony with diverse Hanji works, LED lighting and “Moon of Hope” sculpture!
Be a witness of multifarious exhibitions of Seoul Special Tourist Zones!