Beat Spring Fever in Multipurpose Dining Spaces

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편의점 코스요리에 주목하자!


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편의점 코스요리에 주목하자!

Enjoy Culture and Food in Seoul

Beat Spring Fever in Multipurpose Dining Spaces


Do you find yourself with a case of spring fever? Have you been feeling a bit down and lacking in fun places to go? If so, beat the blues and spring fever by visiting these multipurpose dining spaces and sampling all of their culinary delights.

A Futuristic Dining Space


편의점 코스요리에 주목하자!

The expansive road at Gangnam Station, Gangnam-daero, is full of offices, academies, restaurants, cafes, and many more buildings and businesses. Whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, the sidewalks are always full of people, hurrying this way and that. However, the weekends are especially crowded with people, so much so that it’s hard to find a spare seat in a café to have a quick coffee. However, when other small eateries are packed, try SPC Square. Grand in scale, and futuristic in design, SPC Square still manages to provide a cozy atmosphere to visitors. The building feels like a small plaza in downtown Seoul. From the 1st floor to the 4th floor, there are numerous bakeries, restaurants and cafes that serve dessert, brunch, pizza, and more. When you’re too tired to wander from location to location, go to SPC Square to fulfill all your dining needs.

SPC Square is a futuristic dining and cultural space that uses cutting-edge technology for consumer convenience. SPC Square introduced location-based commerce services to visitors via their smartphones. Information regarding any of the products or eateries at SPC Square and can be accessed via smartphone. Information regarding events at SPC Square is also available in this way. Additionally there is the mobile stamp service where you can use stamps to accumulate mileage to redeem for coupons. 

The cakes and desserts on display at SPC Square’s bakeries look mouth-wateringly good and the atmosphere is as sweet as the treats on display. You could easily eat your fill just at the bakeries here, thanks to the wide variety of edibles on offer. Once you’ve eaten your fill, burn off some of those calories by heading over to the  COEX Mall and Apgujeong Rodeo Drive for some shopping. Neither the COEX MALL nor Apgujeong Rodeo Drive is right next to Gangnam Station but they’re well worth a visit.

Address : 352 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Directions : Gangnam Station (subway line 2, Sinbundang Line [Railroad]) exit 4
Operating Hours : 11:00~23:00 (L'Atelier 08:00~23:00)

Create Special Memories


편의점 코스요리에 주목하자!

Itaewon is an area where you can sample international cuisine, and the area is always bustling with people, both Korean and foreign. Right next to Itaewon is Kyunglidan Road, and the road is chock full of great restaurants. The next road over from Kyunglidan Road is Hoenamu-ro.

The restaurateur Chang Jinwoo operates several cafés and restaurants on Hoenamu-ro. His establishments are so numerous that some people even refer to the area as “Chang Jinwoo World.” His establishments all have a secluded air about them, and their operating times are relatively short, with afternoon break times being the norm. You can enjoy the relaxed atmospheres of these establishments during your visit. Also on this street is a large, 5-story building called Social Table. 

편의점 코스요리에 주목하자!

The Social Table has become increasingly popular recently and is now a hot spot in Seoul. From the basement to the 5th floor, each floor has a different vibe and serves different kinds of foods. In this multipurpose restaurant, there are actually several dining options. You can choose from the café, the bakery, or restaurant. Then there is the gallery and rest areas, and terrace to take in as well. Book clubs often gather at the Social Table as well. The Social Table’s restaurant, also called the Social Table, serves European-style tapas in addition to more typical restaurant fare such as meat, seafood, pasta, and dessert. Order the lasagna and you’ll receive on your plate, a perfect square of savory goodness. Made with bulgogi and a spicy tomato sauce, the proportions of the lasagna work perfectly and the flavor is at once neat and nuanced. For dessert, try the Pavlova. The dessert was named after the ballerina Anna Pavlova and is a meringue topped with cream and fresh fruits such as raspberries. It’s fun to eat the Pavlova slice by slice, and it’s sure to be enjoyed by another who likes sweet and refreshing desserts.
With its roomy tables and tall ceilings, the Social Table is an impressive date spot. However, it’s also a great place to meet up and spend time with friends or acquaintances. The relaxed atmosphere and variety of dining options makes it hard to beat as a meeting space.

Address : 22 Hoenamu-ro 13ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Directions : Noksapyeong Station (subway line 6) exit 2
Operating Hours : Tues-Thurs, Sun: 12:30~23:00 / Fri, Sat: 12:30~24:00 / Break Time: 15:30~18:00 / Closed Mondays
Telephone : +82-2-796-7565

Have Amazing Food and Learn to Cook


편의점 코스요리에 주목하자!

Seoul’s Dongdaemun area is famous for its shopping and cultural spaces. Shop at dawn at one of Dongdaemun’s malls, or head to Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP)  for everything from exhibitions to fashion shows, conferences, and more. DDP is a place where you can see some spectacular things. There are many places to have fun at in Dongdaemun, but are there many good restaurants in the area too? When you’re in Dongdaemun and wondering where to have a meal, try CJ FOODWORLD.

Just a 10 minute walk away from the subway station, CJ FOODWORLD is a multipurpose dining space filled with various restaurants. A fun feature of CJ FOODWORLD is that, in addition to having restaurants and cafes, you can purchase ingredients like wheat, sugar, and ham made on location. There are also basic food items for sale as well as various desserts. You can even get start-up advice here if you’re the entrepreneurial sort. Feel the outdoors while dining indoors by eating amongst the rice and bean plants planted inside of the CJ FOODWORLD building. Sign up for one of the cooking classes or just spend the day exploring the building with your family. It’s a great place for visitors of all ages. Not only is there a lot of tasty food, there are also many activities to take part in. Additionally, there are many tourist attractions located nearby that you could visit. Dongdaemun Market  and the Dongdaemun Design Plaza are the closest to CJ FOODWORLD. Slightly farther afield are Heunginjimun Gate, the Seoul City Wall, the Seoul City Wall Museum, and Cheonggyecheon Stream

Address : The CJ CheilJedang Building, 330 Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Directions  : Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (subway lines 2, 4, 5) exit 6
Website  :
Operating Hours : 11:00~22:00 (L'Atelier 07:00~22:00)