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Incheon International Airport is the main port of arrival for most flights from outside Korea. Located approximately one hour from downtown Seoul, there are a number of convenient ways to get to the city from the airport.

Train (AREX)

AREX is a railway line that connects downtown Seoul with Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport. There are two classes of train available: 1) All Stop Train - Stops at every station; and 2) Express Train - Runs non-stop between Incheon Int’l Airport and Seoul Station. Express Trains depart every 20 to 40 minutes from Incheon Int’l Airport and take approximately 40 minutes. All Stop Trains leave every 5 to 10 minutes and take just under 60 minutes to get to Seoul Station. The Express Train costs KRW 9,500 each way, while the All Stop Train is KRW 4,150 - 4,750.


Airport Bus


Airport buses travel to all major areas of Seoul. Tickets are KRW 5,000 to 15,000 and the travel time is approximately 60 to 80 minutes, depending on traffic and the destination. Tickets can be purchased at designated ticket booths outside the passenger terminal, or fare can be paid in cash,T-money, or credit card (at Incheon Airport).

More information on routes and schedules is available at .

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Discount for Families

Families of three or more traveling together to Incheon Airport can enjoy a discount starting on January 20, 2017. The traveling party must consist of immediate family members and there must be children in the group for the discount to apply. If the traveling party meets these conditions, one person will be able to ride free of charge. The discount applies to all 36 bus routes, including the regular airport bus routes.

Airport Bus Companies

* City Airport Logis & Travel:

* Airport Limousine:

* Seoul Airbus:

* KAL Limousine:


There are four types of taxis: Standard, international, deluxe, and jumbo taxi vans. International taxis are 20 percent more expensive than standard taxis and drivers speak English, Japanese, or Chinese. Deluxe taxis are approximately 40 to 50 percent more expensive than standard taxis, but use larger, more luxurious sedans. Jumbo taxi vans can accommodate up to eight passengers at once and are the same price as deluxe taxies. Taxi stands for each type of taxi are located outside the arrival terminal.

Standard Prices to Downtown Seoul

An extra toll charge of KRW 7,900 for the Incheon International Airport Expressway will be added to what is displayed on the meter.

Destination Estimated Time
Estimated Fare
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Gimpo Int'l Airport 40-50 31,000-34,000
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Courtyard by Marriott
60-70 40,000-44,000
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Grand Hyatt Hotel
80-90 47,000-52,000
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Shilla Hotel
90-100 50,000-55,000
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Grand InterContinental
Hotel (Samseong-dong)
80-90 53,000-58,500
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Marriott Hotel
80-90 48,000-53,000
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Grand Hilton Hotel
60-70 41,000-45,000
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Myeong-dong 80-90 47,000-52,000
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Dongdaemun Market 90-100 50,000-55,000
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Namdaemun Market 80-90 48,000-53,000
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Namsan (N Seoul Tower) 80-90 49,000-54,000
Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ Insa-dong 70-80 44,000-48,500

※ Actual travel time and fare may be differ

※ Estimated fares as of 2013