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Medical Tour Help Desk
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The Seoul Medical Tour Help Desk provides comprehensive information services for medical tourists in Korea regarding medical care, tourist and wellness attractions.

Your One-Stop Center for Medical Consultations

From arrival to departure and everything in between, the Seoul Medical Help Desk is there to provide a one-stop service. For safe and trustworthy help, turn to the Seoul Medical Help Desk. It doesn't matter if it's a medical consultation or queries abouttourist hot spots, the Help Desk can help!

Provides Information on Medical Services

The Seoul Medical Tour Help Desk provides information on the various services offered by the Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance's hospitals and doctors. Making a reservation or having a consultation is that much faster and easier with the Help Desk's help.

Provides Information on Wellness Attractions

A medical tour course with medical care plus restaurant and tourist recommendations is a given. The Help Desk also introduces visitors to products from partner businesses and wellness service providers.

Offers Medical Support for Seoul's Foreign Patients

One of the many ways that Seoul offers support to foreign patients is with medical tourism coordinators. There are 10 languages on offer and there are currently 92 coordinators available to support foreign patients during their treatment courses. Additionally,members of the Seoul Medical Tourism Alliance offer a pick up service for foreign patients.