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Tax Refund
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Tax Refund 소개

What is Tax Refund?

This is a system where foreign tourists can receive a refund of domestic tax (such as VAT) from purchased goods at tax free stores within 3 months of departure from Korea. After receiving export confirmation from customs, tax refund can be immediately received at the Tax Refund Counter.(Domestic tax refund is eligible for purchases over 30,000 won)

Tax Refund Service

Domestic tax free refund services are provided by agencies and each company operates a tax refund counter, installation of self-service KIOSK, mailboxes etc.

Tax Refund Service

Those eligible for a Tax Refund

Minimum purchase of 30,000 won, purchased within 3 months of departure

  • Foreign tourists : who have stayed in Korea for less than 6 months
  • Overseas Korean: who have stayed in Korea for less than 3 months, and have lived overseas for over 2 years.
Tax Refund Procedure
Tax Refund Procedure
  • Purchase Goods Buy goods over 30,000 won at a Tax-free shop
  • Customs Export Approval If goods are purchased within 3 months of departure, show purchased goods to the Customs Declaration counter and confirm tax refund slip.
  • Refund Slip Approval Show purchased goods and tax refund slips
  • Refund After confirmation, take the tax refund slip to the tax refund service counter and receive refund.
  • Tax Refund
    It is a system for refunding a fixed amount of VAT for those who during travels, purchase items that include VAT and return to their own country.
    • Purchase Goods
    • Claim goods when departing
    • Apply for Refund
  • Downtown Tax Refund
    It is a system where after purchasing goods that include VAT, before receiving customs clearance, you can receive a domestic tax refund at a tax refund booth or KIOSK. Departure is possible after confirmation at customs clearance.
    • Purchase Goods
    • Refund
    • Claim goods when departing
  • Immediate Tax Refund
    Receive an immediate tax refund when purchasing VAT included goods
    · A purchase should be under 200,000 won.
    · Total amount of purchases should be under 1,000,000 for the duration of one trip.
    • Check eligibility for Immediate tax refund
    • Tax deducted Payment
    • Claim Goods
  • Mailbox Tax Refund
    In the case tax refund booth or KIOSK cannot be used, a tax refund application can be filled and it will be processed manually and refunded.
    • Purchase Goods
    • Claim goods when departing
    • Apply for Refund