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All of the frequently asked questions regarding travel in Seoul have been collected and answered for your ease of reference.
Once a reservation has been made for a show, the type of seat, location of the performance, and seat location cannot be changed. In the event that you want to change your seating, reservations must be cancelled then re-booked. However, please note that you will be responsible for any cancellation fees that may occur.
The seat number, along with other booking details, can be checked by clicking "My Reservation" tab.
You can cancel your reservations by logging in and clicking "My Trip" or "My Reservation" > "Ticket & Offer".

※ Cancellation is not possible after 5 pm on the day before the show date or after 11 am if that day happens to fall on a Saturday.
There is no cancellation fee when you cancel your reservations by 11:59 pm of the purchase date.
Partial cancellation may or may not be possible depending on the show. Some shows don't accept partial cancellations, so please be sure to check the terms on partial cancellation during the booking process.
Cancellation fees differ by show. To find the exact fee, check the cancellation details by clicking on "My Trip" or “My Reservation”.
Advanced purchase transactions are cancelled and details discharged if tickets are cancelled before transactions are processed by the credit card company.  If tickets are cancelled after transactions are processed by the credit card company and the amount has already been billed, it will take 5-7 days for the credit card company to process the refund. The cost of the refund will be shown as a deduction in the following month’s credit bill. For more details, please check with your credit card company as each company may have different policies regarding refunds.

* If tickets were purchased with credit cards issued outside of Korea, a profit or loss of foreign exchange may occur as a result of different exchange rates on the date of purchase and cancellation. International transaction fees may still apply even though transactions have been cancelled. For more details, please contact your credit card company to get exact rates, as each credit card company may have different terms and conditions.
You can pick up your tickets by bringing your reservation number and identification to the ticket counter on the day of the show.
Ticket pick-up is available 1 hour prior to the show. Please note that tickets can only be picked up once and cannot be re-issued if they are lost or stolen.
You can have someone else pick up tickets for you, even if that someone isn't the one who purchased the tickets. The process might differ depending on the venue, but as long as they show a printout of reservation details or provide the reservation number and identification card of the purchaser, they can pick up the tickets. 
Tickets cannot be picked up on any other days besides the show date. Make sure to come early with plenty of time to get your tickets as there might be a long line in the ticket line.