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All of the frequently asked questions regarding travel in Seoul have been collected and answered for your ease of reference.
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All public data is provided through the Seoul Open Data Plaza website.

○ Seoul Open Data Plaza:

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The ticket is a one-day pass, allowing unlimited rides on the same course for one day. 

A.(Answer icon) Reservation can be booked starting on the 15th of the previous month. For example, if you want to book for a tour in June, you can start making reservation online from May 15th (KST). If you try to reserve earlier, all dates will be grayed out and won’t allow you to book your tours.

Also, please make sure you book 3 days in advance for individuals, 5 days in advance for groups.
A.(Answer icon) To change dates, you must cancel your reservation and re-book. If you would like to change your time, please call 02-6925-0777.
A.(Answer icon) You can make reservation through “Visit Seoul” official website ( by clicking “Make a Reservation” next to the desired tour course.
A.(Answer icon) The refund will be processed according to each product's refund policy.
A.(Answer icon) If you cannot go on a trip because of personal circumstances, the product will be considered availed of and there will be no refund.
A.(Answer icon) Following the Korean Standard Time, you cannot cancel a trip on the day of travel.
A.(Answer icon) You cannot cancel items seperately. You will have to cancel everything and order again.
A.(Answer icon) ① Cancellations are processed during working days (weekends and holidays not included).

② Cancellations will be processed during Korean working hours (9:00-18:00 KST). If you cancel after these hours, the cancellation will be processed the next day.