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  • Business Name : Amuse Travel Co.
  • Date Established : October 4, 2016
  • CEO : OH Seo-Yeon
  • Address : #807, 8th Floor, Seoul Startup Hub Bldg., 21, Baekbeom-ro 31-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Phone : +82-2-719-6811~5
  • Website :

amusetravel, Customized Concierge Service For Tourists With Special Needs

“amusetravel” provides the route-oriented full-concierge travel service both for the disabled and their family members.

Travel with your parents having mobility difficulties…
Travel with those with special needs…

When you hear about those types of travel, what comes to your mind?

You would feel the trip could be a burden rather than a relaxing time. If you have to take care of your aged parent in a wheelchair or a child who cannot walk on their own when you travel with them, it will not be a joyful trip to you. You may think about it, but it would be very hard for you to put it into action.

With amusetravel, however, you no longer have to take the burden.

amusetravel provides customized services for tourists with special needs, such as the disabled, the elderly with restricted mobility, toddlers or expectant mothers.

"I started as a volunteer for my friends with a physical challenge. Afterward, parents of their friends asked me to take their children, too. Such requests have started to increase. That is how I started this business," said Mr. Seo-Yeon Oh, the founder of amusetravel.

He started the company to provide specialized travel services with a friend of his who used to work at a travel agency.

OH Seo-Yeon CEO

"It is really hard to take a trip with someone with mobility problems. If you are unable to move on your own, traveling to two or three places a day can be a burden. Even going to a restaurant for a meal could be challenging. It is almost impossible for those who take care of their family member having mobility problems to enjoy their time," said Mr. Oh.

amusetravel provides customized services for these people. Customers can visit where they want for as long as they want. While other family members travel, the company takes care of a person with special needs.

"Caregivers can be tired after a while. They need some time for themselves. So, while we take care of their family member or friend with special needs, they can enjoy free time. Instead, we take their family member or friend to some other places or simply spend time doing something fun with them."

amusetravel provides half-day programs so that other family members can spend some time away from the person with special needs.

amusetravel offers fully customized services with one or two vans mostly only for two or three families at one time. Although the scale is small, the company provides “full concierge” services throughout the entire tour process.

Its tour guides have a better understanding of tourists with special needs, such as the disabled or seniors with mobility difficulties, as well as expertise as a tour guide. They have been trained based on the manual of the company.

Since not many people need special needs, not many travel agencies are interested in this market. However, amusetravel continues to develop tour programs for people with special needs, having been accumulating related data.

The off-season for large travel agencies is the peak season for amusetravel as tourists with special needs rather travel during a week or in the low season than in the busy season when it is crowded everywhere. And, of course, in the off-season, prices of hotels and tour products become more affordable.

amusetravel provides the route-oriented full-concierge travel service that goes beyond the disabled-centered travel programs, pursuing tourism both for the disabled and their family members.

Recently, the company became busy with growing number of senior customers.
If you have physically challenged family members, kids, a pregnant wife, or aged parents in your family, you may try the amusing services of amusetravel.